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  1. Alternative minecraft

      That sounds less helpful in email when the link isn't preserved.  I played a space station builder game a long time ago, I think it eventually became ShortHike.  I thought it was a much better builder game than anything I did in Minecraft Alpha.  That more recent game you've linked to, could have promise.  There are plenty of ways to do a builder game that don't involve voxels.  Part of why I hated MA so much is because I'd played several better IMO builder games in the past.  But I guess new generations of gamers don't know what I know, they just start playing with a blank slate.
  2. Alternative minecraft

    I watched a samurai movie yesterday called "13 Assassins".  They fortify this entire village into a big series of gags to take out a numerically superior enemy.  It made me wonder, if someone gives you a forest and a blade, how many weapons can you make out of that?  The answer is infinitely many; the question is how you can do that level of imagination justice in a game.  Any specific one of their gags could have been "canned" in a game, but how does a player invent their own gags?  For your contemplation.
  3. Alternative minecraft

    Sounds really dumb from the standpoint of making money on your own game.  But from a modding only standpoint, maybe it would work, who knows.
  4. I have the same problem with Chromium (not Chrome) on Linux, Firefox on Linux, Firefox on Windows, and IE on Windows, so I really doubt that trying a different browser is going to do you any good.
  5. Need Help Writing A Storyline For My Game (Stuck)

    [quote name='a Smith' timestamp='1346283092' post='4974615'] I never said she wouldn't beat the absolute crap out of him; just that she's willing to show him the same mercy that he showed her.[/quote] I'm not sure why. Sounds like typical good guy Justice League type stuff; we do this because it is a stereotype to reciprocate, not because it makes any kind of tactical or emotional sense. I feel the experience of having one's father murdered is being made very cheap here. No big deal, you feel sorry + horny for the killer for some reason... that logic could work if the treatment of the entire game was totally surreal. Like, nothing quite functions in reality as we know it. All just some big Oedipal sexual innuendo. [quote]Yes he was the tool that brutally murdered her father, but it wouldn't be the first time that someone was more concerned with the man that gave the order.[/quote] Dirty Harry would kill the assassin, then kill the man who gave the order. Doesn't matter what he's "concerned" about. [quote] If it hadn't been Enkidu it would have been someone else, and they may not have relented. [/quote] That's all head space. What ideal is so important to Ming Ming that it overcomes any common sense notion of vengeance? Short of a religious imperative I'm just not seeing this. Even that would have to be sold to a skeptical audience.
  6. What is wrong with the pitching here?

    Who are you pitching to? Why do you need to define a demographic? Are you trying to convince someone that your game has a chance to sell? Your presentation was so bad earlier, that I couldn't bring myself to read more than 2 sentences before dozing off. So I didn't find out your game idea was actually interesting until this latest redraft. Even then, your "Game concept" statement is poor. In general, try simplifying as much as possible. Only state the essential. For instance: Game concept: a puzzle RPG where the player is [i]forced[/i] to control two characters simultaneously. If one is stuck, the other can't move. That may not be the best possible two sentence zinger but it's better than what you had.
  7. [quote name='jefferytitan' timestamp='1345088741' post='4970043'] @bvanevery: Fair call for the reminder that this isn't the Lounge. I don't entirely agree, but I'll do my bit to stop polluting this part of the forum. [/quote] [quote name='bvanevery' timestamp='1345087443' post='4970039'] I suppose this is off-topic if we can't bring it back to the design of a game. So I'll make a half-hearted effort. [list] [*]Ready to write CivGun? [*]For instance, a chain gun isn't going to help you in circumstances short of a Steven Segal home defense film. [*]From a game design standpoint again YMMV according to the weapon and the geographic culture. [*]Again, are you going to make a sim, or an interactive political tract? [*]If you want to actually sell a game like this, it might be good to target it at law enforcement, the military, and private security companies - people who would actually pay big bucks for serious depth of sim. [/list] [/quote] Heavens, actually discussing the design of the game per the topic.
  8. Story for the Picture

    Darn it, who took a dump in the Seine again?? Jasmine, get me some birdkill from the base of that windmill. I don't care if it tastes like soot, we're having oiseau for dinner. Lousy rail system, I swear we're goin' back to Africa one of these days.
  9. Why is dystopian so popular?

    Dystopias are often exaggerations of fears we have about real life. An Apocalypse is an inversion, "The Other," a world where we're not living comfortably in suburbia every day.
  10. I'm thinking you need to do one game instead of two or three. Aside from being a recipe for not actually getting anything done, multiple stories or one epic sprawling story is a symptom that you haven't nailed what your story is about. Work on getting to the core of what's thematically important about suicide for your purposes. You need to cut stuff out that's distracting and isn't core. In a screenplay for a film, for example, the screenwriter usually has only 90 minutes or so to make his points. So he's gotta choose the best points, cut down on the complexity, and not get lost in the delivery. What are the consequences of suicide? From an atheist perspective, you don't get to be alive anymore. There isn't some purgatory to keep on angsting about your problems. There's nothing wrong with writing about purgatories, but you should probably be conscious of how that will affect the suspension of disbelief for some members of the audience. Similarly, some religious people believe you go to heaven or hell. Others believe that you reincarnate. If that's what they believe, then they come to your work with those preconceptions. How will you deal with the consequence of death? What is important for you as an author to say about that? Answering those questions, probably gives you 50% of what your story needs to do right there. The other big obvious one is, what are the realities of depression? That's a difficult subject, because lots of people don't like to watch films that make them depressed. Not sure if the same problem exists in games. Can a game make you depressed, if you're actively doing something in the game? Bored, certainly, but depressed? You don't have to write a depression simulator, but it'll be interesting to see how you deal with the realities of depression, in a medium where most people think you're supposed to be having "fun." Now I will recommend a specific film that's about a suicide, reincarnation, and a lot of other weirdness: [url=""]Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives[/url] . If you can figure out where there's a game in that sort of thing, well, you'd have something.
  11. Need Help Writing A Storyline For My Game (Stuck)

    Your thoughts on Mali Mali improve the situation, but it is still just intellectual. Having your father murdered in front of you is visceral. She's not in a position at that time to receive intellectual materials about why it's "ok" for him to be murdered. From her perspective, Daddy died. I say she has to either already know something creepy about Daddy, or not like Daddy, for this to work. You can't just info dump this stuff later when Gilgamesh finally shows up. Here's a thought: make Mali Mali one of 29 brothers and sisters. It happened a lot in Roman royal families who were vying to be Emperor. Your "son" is hardly a big deal when you got him by sticking your pee-pee into whatever you felt like at the time.
  12. Need Help Writing A Storyline For My Game (Stuck)

    [quote name='a Smith' timestamp='1346199129' post='4974289'] It wasn't an attempt at stereotype (nor do I feel that it qualifies as such) so much as it was an attempt to depict a very headstrong, skilled young woman. In all honesty I basically just depicted a female Bruce Lee.[/quote] The line I object to is, "Like always, when a man fails to clean up a mess it's time for a woman to show him how it's done." If you dropped that sort of thinking, I wouldn't object. It's very tiresome to hear about women who think they're better than men, or have to compare themselves to men. She's a fighter, she should only care about whether people can fight. [quote]something like Stockholm Snydrome[/quote] What you wrote isn't Stockholm Syndrome though. She's not being held hostage, she has her father brutally murdered in front of her. I'd suggest doing some research on those kinds of traumas before trying to sell them. This doesn't basically pass the smell test. The only way I'm seeing it work is if she didn't actually like her Dad all that much and thought he was in the wrong somehow. [quote][quote name='bvanery']I think [Wing Chun is] more about beating people up in phone booths[/quote] It sounded to me like a more basic beat-em-up as well, but what's the point of having fifteen playable characters if they all have the same move list? What's the point of having any story if its just Little Fighters all over again?[/quote] I think the point is whether one dabbles in cliches or not. It's hard for me to accept the meme of Wing Chun as "noble" given that I trained in it for 3 years. It's a practical street fighting style, in the sense that novices could learn how to fight relatively quickly compared to other more esoteric kung fu styles. Also there is the theory of Red Boat Wing Chun, that some of it may have come from fighting on boats on rivers. Particularly the long pole form. This just isn't adding up to Shaolin Temple and all the usual noble self-depreciating yadda yadda. Wing Chun is about kicking butt; even modern practitioners like [url=""]Emin Boztepe[/url] would agree to that. And certainly Bruce Lee thought that way before he went off and made Jeet Kune Do. [quote]I'm sorry you disliked my post that much.[/quote] I dislike parts of your concepts. That's not the same thing as disliking that you posted.
  13. Need Help Writing A Storyline For My Game (Stuck)

    Gilgamesh, Enkidu, I dig the ancient mythology referenc[s]e[/s]s. Ai, I find the meme of a competitive woman who has to define herself as better than a man tiring and loathsome. Please don't inflict this kind of gender stereotyping on all the would-be women gamers. How about she's just violent and angry and not particularly noble? Aito, fine, "noble" Wing Chun, whatever. I think it's more about beating people up in phone booths, but.... David, I guess there's nothing complicated about that, so it can work. Mali Mali, I really don't buy that she's gonna watch Enkidu dismember her father and not blame him at all. Total baloney.
  14. I suppose this is off-topic if we can't bring it back to the design of a game. So I'll make a half-hearted effort. [quote name='jefferytitan' timestamp='1345068428' post='4969968'][list] [*]The US has a high per capita gun death rate for a first world country [/list] [/quote] The USA is a strongly Capitalist, somewhat free market country with a large stratification between rich and poor, and a big population. If you don't take those factors into account in your game, I don't think you're going to do the subject justice. One might also wish to consider the historical circumstances of any given country, such as being a rebellious colony that then expanded into a sparsely populated land mass, and also being some semblance of a democracy from the get-go. I think gun ownership issues in the USSR and modern day Russia would probably turn out somewhat different. Ready to write CivGun? [quote][list] [*]Guns have a higher collateral damage rate than most peacetime weapons [/list] [/quote] Some do not, in specific combat environments. For instance, the shotgun is the ideal home defense weapon, because it will kill lots of stuff at close quarters with not as much need to aim. It won't penetrate solid walls, killing people you didn't intend to. The sound of the shotgun being loaded is terrifying to an intruder and may cause them to flee before a shot needs to be fired. Any accurate game would need to feature a variety of weapons and defense environments. For instance, a chain gun isn't going to help you in circumstances short of a Steven Segal home defense film. [quote][list] [*]Compared to weapons such as knives, tasers, etc, the death rate per incident is high [/list] [/quote] Which from a legal defense standpoint is a good thing. The truth is, if your assailant is dead, and you didn't obviously shoot them in the back or off your property or stand over them emptying an entire clip execution-style into them, then it's your word against his and he's dead. Some countries like the USA are "gun cultures" where juries can be expected to understand and be sympathetic to lethal force via firearm. Such juries think you just pull a trigger, the assailant dies, there isn't a lot of thinking and second guessing about it. In contrast, knives and bare handed martial arts defenses are constantly questioned on a blow-by-blow basis, like everyone fighting for their life is in a Bruce Lee movie. Other cultures are knife or stick cultures, often due to British or other colonial experience, and are not at all sympathetic to the use of guns. Yet they may culturally expect a brutal chopping to be ok, especially say in Indonesia where one can be killed merely for slapping a hat off another man's head. From a game design standpoint again YMMV according to the weapon and the geographic culture. [quote][list] [*]There are relatively few positive uses for guns in an urban environment (e.g. nothing to hunt) [/list] [/quote] The most glaring exception being self-defense, especially in the home. Again, are you going to make a sim, or an interactive political tract? [quote][list] [*]The psychological effects of guns can cause quick escalation of arguments [/list] [/quote] Or de-escalation, case may be. Guns are excellent standoff weapons, as they clearly demonstrate the potential of lethal force. Knives are pretty good standoff weapons, they can keep some hotheaded confrontations from going any further. Sticks are not so good, at least in the USA. Whether a given weapon and communication style works for ending a confrontation, would depend on a lot of situational factors and would be a pretty complex roleplay. If you want to actually sell a game like this, it might be good to target it at law enforcement, the military, and private security companies - people who would actually pay big bucks for serious depth of sim.
  15. [quote name='Prinz Eugn' timestamp='1345009500' post='4969747'] Retailers are going to stay away, which will counteract any free publicity it will get from being controversial. [/quote] You don't need retailers to sell a game nowadays.