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  1. Owl, that would be cool.
  2. Interesting project you have here. Great job. When I first looked at it last night from just browsing the forums. The set up from the beginning made me think of Issac Asimov's story "The Naked Sun". I mention this because to me it sounded like a detective game from where the character was sent to a planet to undertsand the aliens motives during the process from learning from eachother all the while trying to get back to earth with your setup stoyrline. But then I realised it wasn't a detective storyline. I really enjoyed that book. Even though I don't have it anymore. So is this something like a detective format or just to learn and figure out what is happening and why and get back to Earth? Just to let everyone know that The Naked Sun doesn't involve someone going back to Earth in the book. The detective was hired to investigate a murder. His helper was an android. Visual and detailed. Anyways this is no way of the sorts of a sell out or whatever you want to call it. Just my observation of Durakken storyline to the book.
  3. Plus its a great excerise for adults. lol Watching the adults try to stay off the cement, grass etc. Platforms would be benches, tables, curbs, light pole blocks, etc. For parkor people it would be way to easy. Their always up on the roofs. Haha.
  4. Just because there isn't a want for this kind of game in the gamedev community, doesn't mean you have to stop on your ideas and dreams to make your game a reality. Keep going. If you need help with ideas, suggestions or the like, feel free to ask. We are all willing to lend a hand with your work and many others here who are seeking help in the ventures in game design.
  5. Oh I never played ff 6. Oh well. it was a shot though. lol.
  6. Would your game be based in a video game or a trading card game?
  7. For me the only time I have seen dice being played in a rpg was in the game Sukoden or Breath of Fire 3 or 4. The dice game was actually a gambling game. Three or five die were shook into a bowl. The higher the numbers or combinations of 1's or 5's or a straight was the money pot or reward. Can't really remember how it worked but It was an interesting idea, fun and addicting. The only thing I can come up with rolling die in an rpg would be pretty much be playing a clone dnd. Actions, chances, attacking , defending. The normal stuff in a dnd pnp game but in a video game format. Other ideas would be using dice in a rpg would pretty much creating a real time strategy game and using the dice to see how far you can move with on die etc. Another idea that came to me is. What if the die or dice were a gambler's weapon? Like using them as a Bolas weapon or ball in chain or a two sided hammer for a exotic weapon? The 6 sided die weapon starts from 1 and ends in 6 for the highest value in the attack and defense range? 4 sided die 6 sided die 8 sided die 9 sided die 10 sided die 12 sided die 20 sided die 30 sided die 100 sided die Or you can create weapons with the throw of the die and whatever the value of the attack or defense is, thats the what is created for whatever the weapon you wanted to create? Each weapon or even armor can be created or bought for a chance of the throw of the die? There could also be sub levels per level upgrades. Like for an example Level 1 Die Hammer Lv. 1 - 1 to Lvl 1 - 6? Just some ideas.
  8. Voting for Runewright.
  9. [url="http://gdevteam.proboards.com/"]http://gdevteam.proboards.com/[/url] Hello Xenmas, with all of this creative ideas, skills and talent and looking for stuff to do that you have, I would like to send you to our group. We have 18 members in the group and have just started on our first design document. We have been very productive in two weeks. And everyone is mature of what is being dealt into the design. Hope to see you there in the forum. If the game is not what your looking for. I hope that you find what your looking for the in the future of gaming. Look me up with same screen name here in the group.
  10. I finally got to see the box of Balders Gate 2 about two months ago st a local game store. Even though it a used game and a classic roleplaying game. The price tag was still $39.00. I was like. No way how cool, but dang that much for a used game? lol Bummer. and sadly I didn't get it.
  11. Good to know. See. Good thing we changed it.
  12. Your opinions are great Joe Copper. Thanks for your outside input.
  13. I like the ideas King of Swing has come up with. And no. No hurt feelings here as well. Its good to have other eyes to take a look at the ideas and suggestions that is being taken and removed for something else. King your doing fine. Everyone has opinions. And its all good for joe copper to help out. Thank you. I hope I have given you, King, some ideas to think about for your game. I enjoy helping out others that need suggestions, ideas, or just want to talk. Keep going Swing.
  14. During this process you write down what everything is doing and what is going on in each location during the design phase. There is no right or wrong way of doing a design document. Search the one that fits your needs in your game story and game mechanics.
  15. Sure that would help greatfully. Thanks.
    The design doc is pretty much what your doing now. Fleshing out all of the details for your game. Its like constructing a book in chapters. Title, chapters, walkthroughs, characters and stats, enemy stats, maps, weapons, items, accessories, armor, and other tid bits.