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  1. C# - huh?

    First off, I wanted to thank Scorp and all the others for replying so fast and being of great help. Second, I wanted to say that so far all the programming I've done was in Java, which from what I understand is the same level as C#. If managing the memory is important at the higher level programming then I suppose it would be best to work in C++, especially if it's the most commonly used language for games nowadays (for some odd reason I thought people were using C# now). If anyone could direct me to some reading material to get me converted to C++ and tell me which compiler to use (either free or bought) It would be greatly appreciated. Also, feel free to tell me anything else you think I should know on this subject.
  2. C# - huh?

    What is C# (C sharp) all about, does it have anything to do with C++ and should it be used for programming games?