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    VB and Telnet?

    I am getting back into programming, and my end goal is to make a full MUD engine. I would like to use Visual Basic for a few particular reasons, although I know it is not the main language used (which is C/C++). I know I am not ready to start working on that yet, and won't be for a long time. But before I really get into it, I just wanted to make sure that VB can do what I will need it to. I only ask this because I did a Google search for how to set up a telnet server with VB 2005, just to see a tutorial and see what it looks like, but I could not find anything at all. VB 2005 can run Telnet servers, right? I had assumed it would, but not I am not so sure without an addon program. VB does have native ability to set up telnet, correct? (Sorry if this is a very stupid question, as I don't know very much about Telnet at all lol). Thank you!
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