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  1. This was done using mostly algorithms to generate geometry and texture. If you are a oneman-army of developers, looking into procedural generation will probably be the way to go due to massive cut of development time. You do however have to be a bit of a genious Best of luck though
  2. Flash game

    thanks man.. you rock :) mind if i pm you if i run into trouble?
  3. Flash game

    hey john I have Mysql on my webhost and then i need php to interface between Actionscript/flash and mysql?
  4. Flash game

    Hey. i want to make a game a'la adventure quest on i want to make the game in flash. and i want to give the players the ability to login and have persistent stats. but right now i don't what kind of database i should be using and what material i should be reading to learn it. to get started i thought i should try to create a login screen that would fetch some username/password data from a database. just to get a hang of actionscripting and whatever database i should use. any idea if i'm starting too slow or fast. should i be trying harder or easier things? or is this fit for a person with minimum programming experience? and where should i be reading?
  5. Database for persistent characters

    Oh.. okay, i'll start sucking info out of their forums instead then^^
  6. Database for persistent characters

    So if i'm using mysql (which confuses the dung out of me) and i want it to interface with c-script would that be possible or am i misunderstanding something? (i need to get values from this database to a character screen on a website and in a game clients)
  7. Database for persistent characters

    How does a database Interface with a server client or game client?
  8. MMOFPS Discussion

    ^^ As a matter o' a fact there is a game called huxley coming out and already out in korea. it's an mmofps based on unreal3 engine and does up to 100 vs 100 mix of bots and pc's per rather large zone(think it's 1*1km)
  9. Database for persistent characters

    Kay ^^ thanks for the help anyway I'd like to ask anyone who actually used a database for character stats, What did you use???
  10. Database for persistent characters

    The only thing i found was that they said they had the plugins and a dead link to a page that had..
  11. Database for persistent characters gamestudio
  12. Database for persistent characters

    Do you mean what i'm programming my game in??.. the only thing i know is that the game engine i'm using lets me script stuff in c-script
  13. Database for persistent characters

    So how would i make dynamic changes to an INI file and what editor do i use for those?? (I'm sorry and please tell me if my questions are stupid)
  14. Database for persistent characters

    would the name of the database i'm interested in working with be game stats or something like that?
  15. Database for persistent characters

    Do you know where i can learn to program such databases?