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  1. For collision detection look into quadtrees. [url=""]http://lab.polygonal...-demonstration/[/url] [url=""][/url]
  2. Alex has made a few tilesets for me and just like Saruman and Ruben have said he's been great to work with. His skill is outstanding and prices were great considering I am an indi game developer. His turn around time is pretty quick and usually gives a few extra tiles as a bonus! I definitely recommend him to any game developer whether your an indi developer or work in a professional shop.
  3. Hello everyone, is a US business listing website. There are about 10 million business' throughout the US in our database. Includes a radius zip code search, google maps and directions among other things. Our goal is to create a coupon search engine, were you can find coupons/special offers/menus for local business' and print them out. All feedback is welcome, thanks. Ian
  4. g-mail

    Can someone send me an invite? Thanks
  5. Post favorite car pics (56k beware)

    2005 Mustang W00t!
  6. Summertime music

    Any song by 311. yeah!