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  1. 3d planets

    is there anyother stuff you can tell me im look for the algorithm he used stuff like that
  2. 3d planets

    dose anyone now how the game infinity quest for the earth makes there fancy planets look so nice im making a space sim and I am wondering how they did so i could do something like it or better
  3. Im looking for a good free but if possable open source sound engine that can play alot of files has 3d sound support and would like EAX support anything else a sound engine should have for games
  4. VOIP in game code/ library

    yeah i have that and use it i but i want a way to implement voip im my game
  5. VOIP in game code/ library

    im looking for a open source library or that will let me add voip to my game
  6. List of free libraries

    can you add a section to anti-cheating here is one BattlEye - http://www.battleye.com/