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  1. 4K UHD

      Yea, Windows by default only supports left/right and (I think, can't really remember) up/down snapping I had to get a program that lets my snap to corners like I can on Linux. Interfaces are pretty good on a 28" display, don't think I could personally deal with anything lower than that.
  2. You could use a format such as JSON, parsers should exist for all major languages and it is human readable essentially like the key-value pairs. { "key" : "value", "key2" : "value" }
  3. Development in 4k

    I am using a 28" 4k samsung at work and bought myself the Asus PB287Q I'm not so bothered by the lack of IPS panel at least in the standard or sRGB display modes the colour reproduction looks good, only if I change it into game mode does it look absolutely appalling. I've yet to do any development at home on it but most things tend to look fine at the viewing distance in Windows, occasionally need to zoom webpages. It's not as easy on the eyes at work possibly because I'm running it through HDMI (laptop without display port) so only 30hz and the stand on the Samsung is fixed pointing up and it sits further away from me on my desk, I regularly get comments like "how on earth can you read that".
  4. Stopping a negative viral campaign against you?

    Only real comment I have on your kickstarter is you don't really seem to offer people much of a reward for backing you (unless you edited that out in the last few days), most successful campaigns have low level rewards (even a simple $1-5 thank you in the credits tier), $50 to be mentioned in the credits of a game you presumably don't receive for backing (unless it's free to everyone) seems a lot of money. Most people on kickstarter are not benevolent, at the end of the day they want a return on their investment in the form of a physical product most likely they can touch without having to come back later and pay more money for a not even guaranteed final product.
  5. Android Lollipop unrevealed.

      I'm pretty sure it was set as default when I got my N5.   Yea it was the default for the Nexus 5, I quickly replaced it though.
  6. Scotland independence: Yes or No?

    Well, I believe that is partly true, their banks did crash a few years ago.   And about the E.U. they have been told (albeit 6 years ago) they would not be able to join. Also, it is worth noting that France, Spain, Italy and Belgium will most likely try and block them from entering. This is because they have regions that want separations. I have a lot of Catalonian friends (region of spain that wants separation) they all blindly support separation for Scotland without listening to why Scots want it. The reason being is they will get to vote (on whether they will get a vote), in December, and if scots get independence and get into the EU, it will provide a huge boost to the 'Si Si' campaign if they do get in.     **on a side note, It is kinda ironic how my friend from spain want independence, if they don't get into the EU it will most likely hit it hard spains economy hard, as fishing is a major part of it. Scottish waters is about 40% of EU waters for fishing     I don't see Scotland being blocked from the EU but I can see those countries making it a long drawn out process before accepting Scotland in order to give doubt to the hopes of their own separatists (if we split can we survive 5 or so years of non-EU membership?).
  7. Scotland independence: Yes or No?

      A lot of us hate Thatcher, her gender is irrelevant.   As an Englishman I don't think Scotland should go independent, and would be among the majority of people who don't want to prop Scotlands economy up (currency union) nor will back membership into the European Union if they attempt to refuse to pay back debts amassed during their time in the United Kingdom (and their borrowing power as a state would be mocked). They can't afford to join the Eurozone so will likely end up continuing to use the pound without the backing of the bank of england.   Looking at the terms Alex Salmond and the SNP proposes, they want independence without the risks that come from being an independent state.
  8. Indie game developers getting screwed by PAX?

      Looking at the signature from the blog post it appears that the writer is the boss of the company.
  9. X99 is out tomorrow. Let's talk high end builds.

    A bit too pricey for me, I'm still running an i7 3770k until the prices come down a bit as the difference doesn't justify paying over half my monthly salary for CPU/Mobo/RAM. Definitely upgrading my GTX580 soon though.
  10. Creating Enemies

    It's all down to personal preference really, a popular pattern is the Entity-Component model which is described fairly well in this article.
  11. ps4 sales

      This is true, but compared to previous generations where the predicted loss has been on the hardware before any of the costs associated with packaging and distributing they seem to have targeted early profitability. I imagine the cost to retailers is close to the RRP due to the low profit margins early on with the intention to make money on game sales/accessories.
  12. ps4 sales

      Neither PS4 or Xbox one sold at a loss (or if they did only a tiny loss depending on the price they charge retailers for each console) based on predictions of the cost of hardware which didn't account for the bulk discounts. 
  13. ps4 sales

    Depends on the individual, only exclusive Xbox one has or is getting any time soon that I want is Forza. Even the new IPs don't look fun to play, the art style of Sunset overdrive is awesome but the game doesn't look like it flows very well from the trailers I expected something akin to Jet Set Radio fast paced and some of the effects from time stopping in Quantum Break look really cool but it's yet another bland third person cover shooter with a bit of slow mo kung fu thrown in.
  14. Game development alongside university?

      You may find that you miss out on some society things (the society I participated in for my entire time at university pretty much only met at the pub/club with the odd event at some ones house) but if you pick the right ones there will be lots of things to do that don't require being the legal drinking age. You can make up for that in your second year but try not to do so at the expense of your grades when they are more important.
  15. "unofficial" programmer rant thread

      Actually it shouldn't, the version should be set to a specific one in the configuration file (though I guess if you neglect to define it that could cause the problem). The main issue I have with maven is some of the error messages can be really hopeless (doesn't seem to work well with the android sdk) and at work we have issues sometimes downloading dependencies on a fresh computer as one of the sites which hosts some dependencies doesn't always work and maven fails rather ungracefully rather than trying again.