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    Ann: New Royalty Free Music From IndieSFX

    Exclusive is possible, but of course only for tracks that haven't been sold yet (all of the new ones are available). It wouldn't be cheap though because the track would have to be permanently removed from the site and the bundles too. Editing... do you mean me change the sequence or you filter a track? It might be better if I wrote a new track for you (see the custom page, I can do custom sound effects work too). When you know what you want send me an email with your requirements via indiesfx and I'll give you a quote. Mark
  2. Game sound effects specialists IndieSFX ( have released five new royalty free game music tracks. Written specifically for games, the IndieSFX music categories consist of Casual Game Themes, Action Game Themes and Ambient/Background music. The new tracks Sunracer and Knockwurst can be found in the Action category with Toucan Too, Leaping Lizards and Good Nintentions in the Casual category. Every track includes seven variations; a 30 second edit, 60 second edit, two short loops, two stings (short fanfares), as well as the full track. Like our sound effects, music tracks are supplied by instant download with a CD quality, 44100hz wav in a zip file. Each track is available from by instant download for $40 (£20 GBP) with a 25% discount for the full set or an annual bundle. Once purchased, tracks can be used and distributed in a game, video or other multimedia presentation. Music main page: Mark Sheeky, Recordist IndieSFX - Audio Designed For Games Development
  3. Game sound effects specialists IndieSFX ( have released a new collection of door sound effects. Doors is a comprehensive set of doors, drawers and elevator sounds. Covering both contemporary and sci-fi effects, the set of 102 sounds includes everything from rustic cottage doors to internal office doors, from motorised sliding doors and rusty submarine hatches to spacecraft irises and vast hangar doors. Wire gates, drawers, and incidental effects such as lock and unlock sounds round off this useful set. Like all IndieSFX releases, all sound effects are high quality and original, created specifically for this set. Effects are neatly trimmed to silence, and no additional compression or sound manipulation ensures the highest quality standards. Doors is available from on CD-ROM or by instant download in easy to access zip files. Visit the site for audio previews and a complete sound list. Doors Page: Mark Sheeky, Recordist IndieSFX - Sound Effect Packs For Games
  4. After 4 years of free weekly reviews of indie games, Bytten ( has been updated to v2.0 and added lots of new features including tool reviews and multi-page articles. We have 4 volunteer staff. If you are an PC independent game developer then you can register with the site to submit your game for review or post your game news when it happens. We've got over 200 reviews on site at the moment and our annual Ernie awards, the game awards that highlight the games others miss, happen each Easter. We could do with some hits and registrations so come on round, and perhaps bring a friend. Thankyou! Mark Sheeky, Editor Bytten - The Indie Game Site
  5. Hi folks, I hope this doesn't come across as flamey but I thought I'd announce that the site I run, IndieSFX have released SFXPacks, our first sound effects in an editable format. SFXPacks are sound effects in SFXEngine (.spj) format. SFXEngine project files give you the power to modify, deconstruct or quickly create new sounds based on the ones in the packs. Each SFXPack features twenty sounds, each constructed in a different way for maximum versitility. SFXEngine project files naturally contain the raw sample waveforms and modulators used to make the sounds so it's easy to create variations or sounds of a similar theme. The ability to make your own sounds or modify those in pre-made sound effect packs makes SFXPacks much more useful than plain wav files. At the most basic level you can use the basic presets and add reverb or appropriate ambience to the sounds, but the real power comes from the ability to change any sample or envelope, clone and modify a sound, or make a completely new sound based on an original. The first two SFXPacks are "Impacts and Explosions" and "Ballistic Weapons". The first pack is a construction kit for explosion sounds and the second a kit for real-world guns. Important Note: SFXPacks are supplied only in spj format. A registered version of SFXEngine is required to access and modify SFXPack sounds. SFXEngine is the premier sound effects creation software for Windows PC. Impacts and Explosions and Ballistic Weapons are available from by instant download in easy to access zip files. A discounted bundle containing both packs is available too. Visit the site for audio previews and a complete sound list. Impacts and Explosions Page: Ballistic Weapons Page: Mark Sheeky, Recordist IndieSFX - Sound Effect Packs For Games
  6. Indie game sound effects specialists IndieSFX have just released a new collection of arcade game sounds, previews now online at Space Shooter is a complete sound effects set for arcade games of all types and includes new original weapon sounds, bonus and pick-up noises, thrusters, explosions, GUI sounds and more. Like any IndieSFX release, S014C Space Shooter is available on CD-ROM or instant download for $24, and a special offer for April means a 50% discount applies on all bundles, including the entire IndieSFX sound library. Visit for more information. Mark Sheeky, Recordist IndieSFX
  7. Mar 25 2005 - Independent game review site has announced the first array of winners in their annual game awards, the Ernies. The alternative award ceremony, the Ernies highlight the unusual, the avant-garde, the creative and the overlooked games by small producers. Part one of the three part award series is currently on, with each part to follow in each weekly issue. Founded over two years ago by Mark Sheeky and Andrew Williams, Bytten (pron. bitten) has provided weekly indie game reviews since launch, and highlighted many low budget games that would previously have been overlooked. A new issue is published each Friday. Visit to take a look. Mark Sheeky, Editor
  8. Mark Sheeky

    Ann: Taskforce v1.01 Released

    Cornutopia Software have announced the release of their premier strategy title Taskforce 1.01, now available from Taskforce: The Mutants of October Morgane is a turn based strategy game that puts you in charge of an elite unit of soldiers. Your first mission is a seemingly ordinary hostage situation but it is not long before you encounter zombies and other strange beasts. The game is played out in a 3D polygon environment. Each mission is different, and any completed mission can be replayed as a single game. All missions include some random elements; from random start positions for the enemies to random arrangements of the maps. Visit the Taskforce page on for more information including the game download. Mark Sheeky Cornutopia Software
  9. Mark Sheeky

    SFXEngine v1.03 Released

    Those looking for sound effects software might be interested to know that SFXEngine has now been updated to v1.03. SFXEngine was designed for creating sounds from scratch in a very short time, and is much better than a sample editor for making or editing sound effects. All of the Cornutopia games since Flatspace have used SFXEngine for sound effects. It's not cheap at $95, but if you can do all of your sound effects in one day and have them exactly how you want, then it would be a much better solution than hiring a sound effects designer. More info here. Mark Sheeky Cornutopia Software
  10. Independent game review site has been relaunched after weeks of running changes. Bytten gives free PC game reviews to low budget games from independent developers, games that are often self-published and distributed solely using the Internet. Founded at the start of 2003 by Mark Sheeky and Andrew Williams, Bytten (pron. bitten) has reviewed one game each week since launch and highlighted many low budget games that would previously have been overlooked by mainstream gamers. The website uses a unique review queue system benefits new game development talent, and the two year archive of past reviews represents a historical record of independent games since 2003. A new issue is published each Friday. Visit to take a look. Mark Sheeky, Editor
  11. Mark Sheeky

    Flatspace v1.08 Released

    Cornutopia Software have released a new version of the space trading game Flatspace, now available on As well as fixes to some rare bugs, the new version also includes a few gameplay updates. Later this year work is scheduled to begin on a sequel. Flatspace is a vast adventure game. As commander of a space ship of your choice, you the player decide how to play, survive and prosper. You can hunt space pirates, trade cargo between space stations, mine asteroids for minerals, join the Flatspace police or become a renegade outlaw. Game influences include Elite, and rogue-like role playing games such as Nethack. For more information visit Mark Sheeky Cornutopia Software
  12. Generally you draw diamond shaped. It's a good idea to have a function that will correctly mask and print one specific x,y tile though, so that you can print the map any way you want. Having that function is very usefull if you want to move anything in your map (as opposed to just printing it). Mark Cornutopia Games
  13. Mark Sheeky

    2d racing game

    For simple top down games like that, you just need a simple set of instructions. A map like "s10, r1, l4, s2" would mean straight for 10 loops, then right for 1, then left for 4 then staight for 2. I haven't done one of those games since 1993! and then I used random numbers to move the track and no map. Perhaps a seeded random number generator is all you need! Mark Cornutopia Games
  14. This isn't a full solution but it's best not to turn until not colliding, but to back up (ie trace backwards down the direction of motion) until not colliding. After that, decide how to move again. Mark Sound Effects For Game Developers
  15. To create forces between objects, start with the position of the object. Look at the relative position of each other object to it by subtracting the co-ords. Use pythagoras to work out the range to the other object. Divide the lengths by distance to get a vector. Then just adjust the position coords according to the vector and distance as you desire. Eg. If each object was x1,x2,x3 etc. do dx=x1-x2 dy=y1-y2 dist=sqrt(dx*dx+dy*dy) vx=dx/dist vy=dy/dist x1+=vx*0.1*dist y1+=vy*0.1*dist Iterate that so every object looks at every other one and that should do soemthing interesting! Play around with the end 2 calculations. Have fun. Mark Cornutopia Games
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