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  1. Hi all, I'm looking to implement some "under the hood" rendering for myself. Can anyone point me to a good tutorial that shows how to fill a polygon, (from a series of points) while anti-aliasing the edges? Thank you very much!
  2. Hi all, I'm using DirectX 7.0 to do 2D. Very simple stuff... vertex buffer with four vertices, draw with a texture, boom, there's a sprite. Now: I'm using clipping planes to do any kind of clipping, like around the UI, etc. When I filter the textures, everything looks great. However, sometimes I don't want to filter textures because they look too blurry to be really viable, depending on the graphic. So, here's the problem: Using clip planes, and no filtering, if I draw one of my sprites so that it intersects the clip plane, depending on where the intersection is, the sprite will jiggle like a crazy thing. I assume this is the fault of floating point errors on the UV coordinates (since a solid white block will draw 100% correctly). So: Does anyone know what can be done about this? Anything? When it's filtered, it looks perfect, which leads me to believe I'm dealing with a floating point error of less than .1, but just enough to jump it up or down a whole pixel. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, I'm doing some DirectPlay stuff, and of course ran into the threading issue. I want to use DirectPlay8 Thread Pool to force it to use my main thread, but I'm running into a couple issues. The first is, no matter what I link in, CLSID_DirectPlay8ThreadPool and IID_IDirectPlay8Address are unresolved externals. Now, the issue might be what version of DirectPlay I'm using-- 8. However, since it has "DirectPlay8" in the function name, I sort of assumed that it would work there. There seems to be precious little information on this on the web, so can anyone help me? What library do I need to link in to get this thread pool stuff? Thanks!
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