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  1. Include guards are simply a way of getting out of an infinite loop of reference. Put simply, the compiler/linker can tell two uses of the same include apart. (I.e without it you would get A=>B=>A... )
  2. You want to bubble with if-statements? Your average bubblesort algo will result in less code than what you are trying to do. http://www.webmethods.com/docs/glue/api/electric/util/sorting/BubbleSort.html http://www.cs.oswego.edu/~mohammad/classes/csc241/samples/sort/Sort2-E.html
  3. Ekas78

    Building a compiler (Script)

    This page is great. Took that class last semester. http://w3.msi.vxu.se/multimedia/datalogi/compiler/index.htm
  4. Ekas78

    Programming is like sex....

    When you get to do it - it really isn't such a big deal. When you don't get to do it - it's all you can think about.
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