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    Weapons...which and how?

    the game is written in C#/XNA so I could use it for both xbox360 or PC.. guess I stuck with the Pad 'cause, well I usually suck at playing with the keyboard and almost always grap my gamepad.. and when/if I get my Xbox I would be easier to program it for it's controls.. I thought about using a "lightbow".. a bow that doesn't use physical arrows but instead shoots lightning or something like that.. but again, already been done by Kratos :( shurikens and rifle are a good ideas to.. I'll have to check into them.. also thought about shooting fireballs from his hand using some type of glove/armor.. but I'm worried it would look weak if he just stands there with his hand in front of him.. (like a Super Nintendo game :s) and to slow if he has a whole Kamehameha-animation.. I'm gonna stop programming now for a while and go watch tons of footage from games/movies/animes/.. and get more concepting done (should have done that in the first place..)
  2. I'm currently working on a 2D side scrolling action/adventure game.. I've got my Level Editor and character editor done and can move around my world.. but I'm in sort of a dilemma now and don't wish to continue untill it's solved for obvious reasons.. but programming and art aren't an issue.. I'm figuring those out while I go along Here's some background info: the game is set in feudal/fantasy-style Japan where monsters and demons roam free.. you are a guy who's set out on revenge and wants to kill as many baddies as he can.. eventually descending into hell and going toe to toe with death (or some other awesome baddie). The game will focus on combos and use of weapons.. but I can't figure out what weapons to use or how to map them(I'm going to use the playstation pad as a reference.. He definately has to have a Katana or Ninjato as a primary weapon.. but what would be better: - have both a weak or strong attack (like f.e. triangle and square, x would be jump en circle would then be grab) (God of War style gameplay) - have triangle and square assigned to a melee and ranged weapon.. (Devil May Cry style gameplay) I'm just not to fond of using a gun in a fantasy setting.. and I'm kind of afraid it would look to much like a DMC clone, and everyone will keep reminding me of it.. so long story short: any ideas on what kind of weapons I could use (I would use 4, so I can use the 4 buttons on the D-pad to change weapons)?
  3. Ok I'll just start by introducing myself: I'm a 23 year old guy from a small city in Belgium and would like to get into 3D game development (not really as a profession but a passionate hobby).. Recently I have been contacted by a guy I've done a project with when I was 16 to remake my city (Ieper/Ypre) like it was in the 16th century. I loved the idea because it interests me and the sheer excitement of finally have a reason to start 3D "game" development.. there won't be any characters in it, just an interactive architectural visualistion.. so no AI, no complex collision detection, no projectiles, no physics, no particles,.. my only problem is that it's going to be MASSIVE (probably 500+ houses, 5 churches, a catherdral, a city hall (cloth hall), a wall around the city, ..) so I would like some advice before I start because I'm afraid when I run in head first I'm gonna hit a brick wall (literally) - what engine to use? I've done some research on free 3D engines and started messing around in Microsofts XNA engine but because it's relatively new I don't know what it can and can't do like LOD, normal mapping, unloading meshes that aren't visible to the camera, polycount 'till it goes boom.. other options would be an Indie license of Torque but don't have much experience with it or haven't seen much stuff created with it other than some small tankshoothing demo's.. or create a mod of an existing game (HF2, Unreal, ..) (I have some experience with modding BF1945) but then whoever want to check it out would have to get that game to) so please some advice - what's the normal polycount / texture size of a normal size building? What of a bigger building? Do you program the texture size to change depending on the distance of the building? (crisp up close, blurry further away) what's the polycount of a standard map for a game (well if you include the poly's used by weapons and characters) I have some experience in programming with Java, VB.net, asp.net, html, c++, c# and actionscript I have good knowledge of Photoshop (my profession) and have been working with 3Dsmax for 3 year and can create some nicelooking inorganic objects.. (yeah I know, didn't get to the real fun stuff yet).. I programmed some smaller 2D games (mostly in actionscript) and helped with some mods for Battlefield 1945) thanks for taking the time for reading all my whining and maybe even replying.. ps: this is my first post here and I'm realy excited for being here and I hope I can grow and develop as much as I can..
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