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  1. Neural Network - Discussion

    Mentioning Neural Networks and Game AI, in this sub section........... Run for the hills my friend run.. and never look back :). Regards Wolfe
  2. fun genetic algorithm ideas?

    I suppose it depends on how indepth and complicated you want to get. Have you managed to write any GA applications at all, even simple ones? If not something simple like 'bitmax' is a good start in terms of visualising how a GA works in my view. More complicated problems but i think only slightly harder to code could be 'Deceptive-Trap functions'. Give em a look. Regards Wolfe
  3. Artificial Immunte Systems (AIS)

    Umm i wouldn't go as far to say they are that similar to a typical genetic algorithm, they certainly have some unique approaches to the 'variation operators'. Have a look at 'An Immune Algorithm for Protein Structure Prediction on Lattice Models' for an example of one working on a particular problem, also i beleive there is some comparison to a typical GA. Regards Wolfe
  4. What are peoples views on reinforcement techniques (Q learning, machine learning/Learning classifiers) for a task like this, seems to be swept under the carpet, or hardly mentioned, though i may be ignorant of the techniques. Regards Wolfe
  5. You could try a Learning Classifier System
  6. Hurst and Bull., applied a nueral network to a learning classifier system to solve a simple woods maze. (A Self-adaptive Nueral Learning Classifier System with Constructivism for Mobile Robot Control) May not be original source but i'am it references it. Hope this helps in some way Regards Wolfe