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  1. Data Types

    Well, it does get tricky when you start doing visual C++. You gotta learn new data types that are far more complicated then our regular data types in C++.
  2. Syn. is it possible that you could have misspelled something?
  3. Any Online OpenGL tuts

    Thats great thanks.
  4. Any Online OpenGL tuts

    Does anyone have any good online OpenGL tuts? Thank you.
  5. What the Buffer?!?

    I never knew what it was either.
  6. How long did it take you to learn your first programming lang?

    You will almost never know a language 100 percent. But I have been doing C (First language) for 2 years and 4 months.
  7. Question regarding loops(C++)

    You develop your own style. You know soon enough which loop your comfortable in at different situations. Good luck.
  8. C++ question?

    Quote:Original post by Dave Impossible to say. It doesn't take long to learn the syntax of the language, however there is far more too it than that. You won't stop learning and can never expect to fully know the language. Thats true. A few months ago I thought I was almost done with C++ but it looks like am not. There is so much stuff to know and memorize like the libary functions. And new things keep popping up. It makes programming fun and exciting.
  9. C++ question?

    How does it take to fully learn a C++. Am not trying to rush into anything.
  10. applet troubles (wanna try C/C++)

    Quote:Original post by ExcessNeo Quote:Original post by alexxzius dont have pointers which as everyone knows are pointless Are you kidding? Serously pointers aren't pointless. You should get to know them before you pre judge they make everything easier and better. Give you more control over memory and allow to do a ton of stuff.
  11. commenting standards?

    I mostly use this //comment In C++ and C and C# and Java and javascript and couple other languages.
  12. Great Life Saver

    There is agian nothing really wrong with this its just Function overloading.
  13. Great Life Saver

  14. (For)ever loop

    Am completely aware of what abort(); yes its bad.
  15. (For)ever loop

    Quote:Original post by Crypter Quote: Its used in error handling am I right. Only in the worst possible situations. You can, but most use assert() to provide more information to help them with debugging. Well I guess there is alot of cheap and smart ways to get out of a loop.