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  1. Haha, thats a crazy story Good luck man! Can't wait to see what happens next
  2. mikfig

    Rendering millions of trees...

    Heh, that's really cool. I have come to think all rendering trickery is some interesting math trick or what not; however, this reminds you that ingenuity doesn't always involve math.
  3. mikfig

    Rendering millions of trees...

    This looks absolutely amazing :D I only have one question: if you didn't simulate atmospheric scattering, what kind of trickery do you use? If you can't answer this question specifically, could you at least answer it in a more general form? Thanks, Mikfig
  4. mikfig

    High Resolution Soldier Model FTW...

    Yea!! Screenies and another post coming in a couple days! :D Models look cool, I like the shoes lol. Keep up the good work. I wish I could say I can't wait to play it, but I have a feeling its not going to run on my shitty PC :P
  5. mikfig

    A taste of things to come in Warbots BETA 2.0...

    Looks damn good!!! *drools*
  6. That looks really awesome!!! I'm drooling over the D-day Beach Assault concept :D
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