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  1. jtorres

    Buy animations

    Thanks for your helpfully answers, it can helpmy so much for futures projects, but at this time, I need this for cell phones, sorry I forgot write it. Thanks for your help.
  2. jtorres

    Buy animations

    Hello, I am looking for some web page where I can buy characters, backgrounds and any type of images for my cell game.
  3. jtorres

    Recommend me a game engine.

    I want develop diferent type games, like, Super Mario, tetris, pinball, pacman, etc. I need portabiliti. My first thing was buy source code but it is too expensive. Or if you know some company that sell source code cheap, around $100 and $300 i do not need exclusibity of source code.
  4. jtorres

    Recommend me a game engine.

    Sorry, I am talking abaut games for cell phones.
  5. Hello, on your oun experience, what game engine commercial or free, can you recommend me. Thanks.
  6. jtorres

    Buy game source code

    Thanks for your serious answere, it help me. Thanks
  7. jtorres

    Buy game source code

    People sellmy your source codes, write me to and put your price. Thanks.
  8. jtorres

    Buy game source code

    I need almost 100 games for a business but and develop it myself I need a long time and I have not time. Because of this I am trying to buy it. Thanks.
  9. jtorres

    Buy game source code

    Hi, I need buy some game source code, can someone recomend some page for buy it. Thank.
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