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    Aurum Game

    I liked this http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/9692/zrqb.jpg over this http://imageshack.us/a/img109/7428/i5ys.jpg   I'm not an artist but I feel like the second-type started to look old and 'cheaper'
  2. I am reading the paper "An enhanced recursive frequency splitting broadcasting algorithm for near video-on-demand services" written by Yu-Wei Chen.   There is something which confused me. Here is the algorithm explained as in the paper. And following is the algorithm I wrote in Python. The thing is my algorithm outputs different integers than it is given in the paper as a table. I highly doubt that there is an error or bug in a scientific paper but I can't seem to find the reason. I wanted to get a second opinion before contacting the author.       import math   c = 2 k = 3   subChannelCount = int(math.floor(math.sqrt(c))) POOL = []   class SlotSequence:   ChannelNumber = 0   p = 0   q = 0   for i in range(k):     for subChannel in range(subChannelCount):         SS = SlotSequence()         SS.ChannelNumber = i         SS.p = subChannel         SS.q = subChannelCount         POOL.append(SS)   j = c   while(len(POOL) > 0):     minMod = 1000000000     minModIndex = -1     for idx,SS in enumerate(POOL):         if SS.q <= j:             if (j % SS.q) < minMod:                 minMod = j % SS.q                 minModIndex = idx                      SS = POOL.pop(minModIndex)     alpha = int(math.floor(j/SS.q))          for x in range(1,alpha):         splitSS = SlotSequence()         splitSS.ChannelNumber = SS.ChannelNumber         splitSS.p = SS.p+x*SS.q         splitSS.q = alpha*SS.q         POOL.append(splitSS)     j = j + 1      print j-c 
  3. Hello I have always been a medieval guy and I am kind of away from sci-fi genre,   I also love cartoony graphics, my question is directed to the people who like and play sci-fi games.   How do sci-fi and cartoony graphics stand together? For a 3d iOS game do you think graphics and models should be more realistic or more cartoony?   I know there are much more parameters for this kind of decision but I want to learn the general idea of what sci-fi players like and hate,maybe?    
  4. Hello, I am a college student and I am at the process of writing my resume. There are two projects I want to list on my resume but the assistant didn't quite like the way I explained them in my first attempt. Can you help me with rephrasing them better? Project 1: Design a cross-platform C library which allows inter-process synchronization easily, over network as well as on the same computer. Servers have the ability to o ffer their primitive variables for subscription and clients could request all the subscriptions from the servers and subscribe to the variables they want. There is also a unique daemon which keeps track of all the servers on the network so a client can connect to a static daemon and request all servers' information currently serving. I wanted to explain it a little bit but apparently it sounds too confusing and maybe detailed to put on a resume ^.^
  5. Eralp

    Game based on real-world time

    I wouldn't think simulating something in-game will take so much time that the user thinks the game crashed. I am not talking about 3d graphics simulations etc, I am only talking about the decision AI for example in sims. Your simulation method shouldn't play sounds or show any graphics. You need to seperate those things based on which type of simulation you are making. If you extract user interface like sounds and graphics from your simulation method, I doubt it will take any longer than an average load time to simulate years.
  6. Eralp

    Chess AI with Neural Networks

    It was this link: http://www.chesscirc...RY-FOR-OCTAVIUS I also found an extra link which claims that his NN may/can learn valid moves, but I couldn't compile it yet because it is written in vb6 back in 2001. http://www.planet-source-code.com/vb/scripts/ShowCode.asp?txtCodeId=22202&lngWId=1 I mean, were people trying this in early 2000s but they gave up?
  7. Eralp

    Chess AI with Neural Networks

    So are you pointing that the man I read about was not telling the truth? Since my experience with AI is probably nowhere near yours I thought a pure NN AI could play chess with right training. It feels so intuitive. There has to be a set-up which makes this possible but I am not sure if that is feasible or not.
  8. If you would code a chess AI with NN how would you format the input and the output? And how many hidden layers would you use? Each tile can contain 13 type of piece(Empty, 6 white,6 black) so one tile can be represented with 4 bits and entire board with 64*4=256 bits. So should I make the input layer 256 nodes? But I am not sure what whould give the best performance, I could use one-hot encoding where each tile is represented with 13 bits and only one of them would be 1. And about the output I am planning to represent moves like e2->e4 meaning the piece on e2 moved to e4. Which can be expressed in 12 bits, 3 for sourcerow, sourcecolumn, destrow, destcolumn. Where can I get more insight about this? For example this project has some creative representations, but it is only handling specific pieces and specific number of them, so it is not generic enough to represent a full game. http://www.slideshare.net/piuprabhu/chess-end-games-using-neural-networks-presentation I know NNs are not proper for this kind of game but my aim is to create something that can make at least valid moves, and I read about a man who is beaten by his NN AI in chess, so I'd like to see where this goes too. And do you have any advice on which library to use with C#?
  9. Hello, I wasn't sure if posting this to "GAME"dev.net since this isn't game business related but based on my experience I guess gamedev.net covers all aspects of programming as a whole, and I have been getting help from this community for 5+ years, so it is a trust issue too. I am studying computer science and soon I am going to take an internship, I have been offered two choices and I want to make a proper decision. This is why I am asking you about CRM related jobs. I have been using databases and I have read books about database administration so I guess roughly how will the process move on if I choose that but I am heavily unfamiliar with CRM. Can you give me an advice on which path to take, or compare roughly the salary, availability of jobs, how will it develop in the next 10 years, working hours etc? Of course I know the proper decision can be different for every person, so here is a little info about me: I have been coding for 7 years, and I am generally a hardworker and self-learner. There is an example that amazes me, I have coded a top-down shooter with directx and windows API without any game engine etc. just after 2 weeks I saw C++ code for the first time. I like designing systems, I had fun while I was doing a grid-computing project where a server distributed continuous job chunks to clients connected over the internet, and received the reports, updated the database afterwards. I am also interested in electronic engineering, I did PIC programming, I was able to send commands to a PIC from my computer wireless. (There was a circuit at the USB port) I don't know if this info contains any hints about which path should I take, but I tried at least. Thanks.
  10. Hello, I am trying to create a very basic evolution simulation but there are few things I didn't understand clearly. I am creating "worms" and "mushrooms" and putting them into my virtual world, and at each frame I give the coordinates of the nearest mushroom to every worm and thus they update their direction and location properly. So the input to my "worms" are 4 doubles, the nearest mushrooms x and y coordinates and it's own x and y coordinates, the best solution would be to chose direction as atan2 function with parameters x2-x1 and y2-y1, so in bare bones I am trying to teach my neural network how to calculate atan2 function. I am using NeuronDotNet in C# but I don't know if these things are common in NN libraries since this is the first I am using. I created a LinearLayer as input layer and sigmoid layers for hidden and output layers. input has 4 neurons, output has 1 neuron these are fixed(I guess), I experimented with hidden layer assigning 1,2 and 3 neurons but I couldn't spot a big difference. So my questions are would it be more successful if I decreased input neurons to 2 and give the difference pair as input(since atan2 function needs these two) ? But I assume no matter what, after training my NN, it should be able to understand the relation between those "pairs". Also how can I decide which type of layer I should be using? The direction is between 0 and 2*pi so I assumed using sigmoid layer and multiplying the output with 2*pi will do the job. However linear layers are giving better results strangely(or expectedly?) About the genetic algorithm part I first randomly assign weights to all neurons but I couldn't find in the documentation about the range of the weight and bias values. Should I assign unity values so far I've been assigning between -20 and +20 but everytime I test a random chromosome it is either giving me a value very close to 0 or very close to 1. I mean is it because the range I use or is it just VERY likely to get a sigmoid output that is very "thin" with random weights. Thank you all for reading
  11. I can't understand why the thread creator referred as a troll here. I exactly thought the same thing, maybe we will play car racing games where the fuel goes to the engine and burns there due to chemical laws everything is calculated in atomic size, or maybe FPS games where enemies have circularity systems, lungs etc. and when you shoot them everything is realistic. Of course they don't seem reasonable right now since Moore's law won't be valid for too long, maybe we need quantum computers or a change in the silicon material to achieve that. Concerning the AI thing, if we COULD compute ALL atoms' movements. It is the same thing as AI. Your neural network, brain, and its decisions may look like VERY COMPLEX to you but we have been kinda training them for years and years without many people trying to understand the basics behind our decisions and movements. But before going up to the most complex neural network, lets think of a one cellular living. When you are aiming to understand 5th dimension it is better to start with understanding the transaction between 2nd and 3rd dimension. WHAT is exactly giving life to that cell, can anybody explain that? In my opinion all the things it makes are due to physical forces between atoms & molecules. The DNA can be treated as brain of the cell but as far as I know they created an artificial DNA and put it inside a cell and it continued "living". What if we replaced all the molecules in one cell? Or samely what if we copied all the molecules in one cell to another place, will it be cloned or won't they live due to lack of "soul" I think it will live. And then it goes up like what if we copied all the molecules in a human, what do you think it will be? To sum it up in my understanding of the world and universe, EVERYTHING is based on physics, and physical laws. I am not talking about the ones we modelled right now, our laws can be wrong but afterall there is something according to which particles are "moving". We know that Newton's approximation was false, maybe Einstein's will not work under some conditions too. When the forces are about atoms & molecules, we created chemistry to make approximations and create straight-forward rules, sometimes not so straight-forward but compared to simulating and calculating everything in sub-atomic particles they are very well straight-forward.When we taught chemistry we generally hear things like, under normal conditions this is true but else this law will fail. This is because as I said they are approximations but that is not something bad because we need to do them to actually achieve something and make use of chemistry. Nothing in chemistry can contradict with physical laws, and every chemistry law can be derived from physical laws, I think everybody agrees with me here. Quick example: Law: Polar and Apolar liquids do not resolve in each other. When a question is asked you can use this law to answer and to back your thoughts. But you can very well derive it from physics. Since polar molecules have + and - poles, because an atom's protons is closer they pull the electrons to one side, they pull themselves like magnets and they stick with each other this makes the other liquid's molecules go up or down. When we needed to examine the interaction of very big numbers of molecules and atoms we created biology. One of its basic laws: The cell membrane is waterproof, of course not fully but in a reasonable way. This is due to molecular interaction between the molecules of the cell membrane and water molecules. You can go up the hierarchy till physics to explain this.
  12. Hello, I have been developing an online poker game with javascript frontend, and now I am in need of sprites and someone who can make interface designs too would save me time. I tried to google for game design companies which offer 2d graphics assets services but I only could find free assets, those are no help to me So I'd like to ask you where can I order and buy graphics like this? A company is preferred but it's not a must. I am not sure if this is the appropriate forum but you should be the ones who know this best I guess. Another thing is how much would it cost roughly to create all the graphics of a poker game from scratch? Or better said with $400 what would be the quality like compared to facebook poker games ?
  13. Eralp

    Purchasing servers

    I guess it'd be better if you provide more information because it depends how complicated the games are, how well the server program is coded, and of how many players one instance of a game you speak of consists. i.e. does server need to calculate real time 3d physics? or water physics etc. my 2 cents without too much experience if the game does not require server to calculate expensive things or game instances don't take 50 players, any computer/server you buy with todays specs should be able to handle it easily.
  14. Eralp

    Online poker game

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep in mind what you said about legal issues.
  15. Eralp

    Online poker game

    Thanks for the information How about storing nearly everything in Application[] map? Can I adjust their lifetime if I buy a regular webhosting?(not dedicated server) or can I refresh the variables so that they are not lost? What are the drawbacks of this method,or is it the worst thing I can do to my hosting ^^ because I know they are not created to be used like that. I am talking about maximum 1000 concurrent users, which makes approx 200 games, 100 kb per game should be enough and that makes roughly 20 mb space. I don't have scalability in my mind, I hope I won't regret that
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