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  1. juglar

    BiteOff! the videogame

    Hi guys, just a quick update we open and indegogo campaign here is the link. The Kickoco one will not be available anymore thanks for your support
  2. Hi guys, we are developing a game called BiteOff! based on Zombies topic. BiteOff! is based on a game strategy mechanics, free to play, where the player has a bunch of zombies and he can distribute them along the map landscape to be able to bite and transform all humans into each level. Humans are controlled by artificial intelligence and they differ each other on capabilities based on different weapons that give them three different levels of aggressiveness to defend against the zombies. The zombies are also presented in three types and they are differentiated by their attack, speed, strength and resistance abilities. Through different achievements, (time to eat all humans, score, among others) the player can access four extra skills that can enhance your attack in real time on next levels as power-ups. We are launching a crowdfunding campaign in kickico and we need some helps please visit us on the crowdfunding page Twitter @biteoffthegame Facebook Clickme! Website Clickme!
  3. Hi guys, we've been part of the game industry several years ago and we are planning to get back, here is our humble attempt ... hope you like it . Don´t hesitate to tell us any bug or recommendation...
  4. Hi all!...We would like  to share with you our first approach called Fractron. This website-app render fractals and strange attractors, as art generated by computer with an human interaction modifying some parameters. The final goal of this research is looking for different way to implement this math features in video games. We hope you can enjoy this journey with us, as we have enjoyed developing it, please keep in touch to see new features and some fractal R&D applied to video games website:   Follow us on twitter @fractron @diegotrapasso @joseplano or drop us a line with your feedback of bug report :) to  info [AT] fractron [DOT] com
  5. yes you are right first of all i need triangulation but i´m little lost  anyway, do you have any link or lib  to look into ? regards
  6. Hi all i trying to generate a shape using random points, or lets say i don´t know what kind of shape it (Box plane, spehere ... random points) and i want to generate the triangle strips necesary to pass to the index array, how can i calcutate that given a set of vertex ? regards!!
  7. Keep rolling dude, don´t give up try to presento your project on some indie competition and get some feedback from there, make same public demo "as  is" for a selected group of peopel... remember the rule number one of the indies...never give up....!
  8. juglar

    Resources on level editor creation?

    take a look to this using MFC and OpenGL
  9. juglar

    Using old array or stl

    thanks to all 4 the quick response :)
  10. Hi all what is better(Talking about memory and performance spped ) for store the  float vertex   using std::vector  vrtx<float> or use a raw array / like  float vrtx[]   thanks in advance 
  11. thanks for clarify :)
  12. Hi all based on the theory of almost books an basic POO... each object has a Draw() method and in the body, of this method we have  a Drawelement() and some buffer binding with the vertex, texture coord...etc... BUT here is the thing, if we do in that way... we will have some performance issue... becaouse, each object had a opengl call to draw it... so my question is how we can optimize this... one solution is send all the vertext text coord info to a pipeline manager, gather all the vertext and dispach all the vertex to a "pipeline manager class"  and that class render all the scene with on glDrawElement, what do you think on that, do you have any example of that or some other optimization to minimize the glDrawCalls ??   thanks in advance 
  13. Hi everyone. i realize that it´s out a new version of assimp lib wich is very good :D i taking a look and it seem it support FBX format... so it i huge step i think anyone do any test on that? regards
  14. Hi all!! i know if i want to made a "good" and fast OpenGL engine, a need to avoid the use og GL state a lot of time in the code, but i can't figure out how to avoid this, so my queston ir how to manage opengl state effecintly thnaks in advance!
  15. Hi!! for use other texture use repete the line glMultiTexCoord2fARB(GL_TEXTURE0_ARB, ......., .......); but against use GL_TEXTURE0_ARB use GL_TEXTURE1_ARB , obviuslly you need to load the other texture ;) you can found nice examples about multitex in nehe site by the way you can boost-up your render speed using VBO to write all the vertex in one OpenGL call
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