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    BiteOff! the videogame

    Hi guys, just a quick update we open and indegogo campaign here is the link. The Kickoco one will not be available anymore https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/biteoff-zombies-playback-time#/ thanks for your support
  2. Hi guys, we are developing a game called BiteOff! based on Zombies topic. BiteOff! is based on a game strategy mechanics, free to play, where the player has a bunch of zombies and he can distribute them along the map landscape to be able to bite and transform all humans into each level. Humans are controlled by artificial intelligence and they differ each other on capabilities based on different weapons that give them three different levels of aggressiveness to defend against the zombies. The zombies are also presented in three types and they are differentiated by their attack, speed, strength and resistance abilities. Through different achievements, (time to eat all humans, score, among others) the player can access four extra skills that can enhance your attack in real time on next levels as power-ups. We are launching a crowdfunding campaign in kickico and we need some helps please visit us on the crowdfunding page https://www.kickico.com/es/campaigns/17824/biteoff-the-videogame Twitter @biteoffthegame Facebook Clickme! Website Clickme!
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