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    A reasonable game demo?

    Hey David, Thanks alot for that great advice. It kind of narrows down things for me now. I now know how to go about thinking of ideas to build. What game engine would you reccomend for me to make a demo? Presently, I am fluent in Torque. Not worked with 3D a lot but am very comfortable with 2D games. Should I use Torque or something else? Also how many game demos should I create? I don't have a website at present to upload my work and time is neither on my side. I guess having more demos is much better, but will one do too? Lastly I am also trying to apply for internships in firms creating games for the iPhone. I dont have a Mac at present, but I am learning Objective C so that I can code using the iPhone SDK. Would it be necessary to create sample games in the SDK to show those companies or would my PC game demo be sufficient to give them an idea of my skills? Thanks!
  2. ak11streetballer

    A reasonable game demo?

    Well yeah it is a pretty basic game, but doesn't the programming matter more? Will the recruiters base their selection on how good the game idea is or how good the programming is for a programming internship? Also, what kind of small demos can I create to impress? Could you give me some kind of ideas to get me started? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, Presently I am in my junior year and am very interested in getting a game programming internship this summer. While creating my resume to be sent to various companies, I found that including an original game demo and some sample code is a great way to showcase my talent. Fortunately, I have been able to create a small game using Torque. Its nothing fancy, but has all the basic elements a complete game should have like - 1. Preloaders 2. Main Menu GUI 3. User Profiles and High Score Tables 4. Particle Effects 5. Power ups 6. Sound effects 6. In game pause menu 7. Graceful Exits It is a 2D platformer game where the character has to go about doing a simple collection of randomly flying around frisbees which will earn the player points. And once the player reaches the final score of 500, he will win and his name will be recorded in the high score table. Also a player has three lives in the game, and losing all of them will result in the player losing the game. I just wanted to know if this will be more than enough to flaunt with my resume? This doubt has cropped up because I have seen guys come up with some very good games, particle effect engines etc. and it all looks really hi fi. What will the recruiters be looking for when they see a game demo? Thanks!
  4. ak11streetballer

    A Gaming MBA?

    Hey guys, First a small introduction of myself and my plans for the future. Presently I am pursuing my B. Tech in Computer Science and have just completed my second year. I just completed an internship with a gaming company (I was working as a game programmer). I am looking forward to getting into the gaming industry after college taking a position of a game programmer and working my way up to finally becoming a game producer. Based on the research I have done with the help of the internet, I have found that a MBA will really help me get the position of a game producer. My question is this... Are there any B-Schools which offer a MBA with a gaming elective or a gaming perpective to it? If not, what direction should I move in? What kind of program should I take? Thanks guys!
  5. ak11streetballer

    MS or MBA?

    Well I surely dont want to get into the research side. I know what I am capable of and research is surely something I dont want to take a chance with. After this summer I will have one internship under my belt and I will work towards getting an internship in the gaming industry in during my next set of summer vacations too. What do you guys think about Dual Degrees, the MS MBA combination? Are there any dual degrees which give you an MS in game development and an MBA at the same time? If yes, then where?
  6. ak11streetballer

    MS or MBA?

    Well I really don't want to become a code monkey. I want to start off with coding so that I can break into the gaming industry, get some good experience and make a whole lot of contacts. Eventually I would like to get into the manegerial side of it. I am guessing an MBA would be a good option for me, right?
  7. ak11streetballer

    MS or MBA?

    Hey guys! I have just completed my second year of college and have hit a roadblock all students hit one time or the other. Presently I am doing my B. Tech. in Computer Science and after my four years of college I want to get into the game industry, specifically the game programming side of it. I have my summer vacations going on at the moment and am doing an internship as a junior programmer for a start up gaming firm. They are using the Torque Game Engine to make a platformer game and I thoroughly enjoy the work. The first day I sat and worked in that office, I just knew that this is definately the industry I want to work in. Now that I am done with the introduction, let me get to the raodblock. While I was chatting with my boss about my future plans, I told him that I was planning to give my GMAT and do a MBA. But he stopped me right there and told me that if I want to get into the programming side of game development, a MBA will not help me much. Something like a MS in Game Development in a game school would be very helpful and much more appealing to the top dogs in the game industry like EA and Ubisoft (He has worked as a game artist in both these firms!). Finally coming to my question, which route do I take? Do I do my MBA and rely on my self learned game programming skills to get land a job in the industry OR do I do a MS in Game Development from a game school for better chances in the future? Thanks!
  8. ak11streetballer

    Moving Platforms

    Have been using those as a life line. They are very informative and helpful. And thanks for the ideas and links. I'll see what I can do and get back if I have any further questions.
  9. ak11streetballer

    Moving Platforms

    Well one cannot label objects as kinematics bodies in TGB, but it is possible to name objects and then set various properties through some amount of coding.
  10. ak11streetballer

    Moving Platforms

    Hey guys! Well I was creating this platformer style game on Torque Game Builder and I wanted to incorporate moving platforms into the game. I tried out a self designed code but there are a few bugs. My platforms moves vertically up and down. When it is moving up my player doesnt move forward and when it is moving down he neither collides with the platform and hence cannot jump. I was wondering if there is any specific algorithm I can use to create a moving platform. Or can someone just give me a basic idea of how to create one without these bugs popping up? Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, I was using the Torque Game Builder to create a game and I had a doubt while working. Is it possible to incorporate lighting and shadows in TGB? Are there any special plugis for this or can it be done with just plain Torque Script? Thanks!
  12. ak11streetballer

    Internship confusion

    @Sneftel and others Well this startup is basically a team of 5 artists and I will be the first newbie programmer on the team. The lead artist has worked in Ubisoft and EA and has worked on games like Prince of Persia, Rainbow Six and like. So I don't know where to place this firm on your line. Like I said before, I will be involved in the pre production of the game and programming of the first level. What do you guys think now? Should I still join the firm?
  13. ak11streetballer

    Internship confusion

    Hey guys, With the start of the summer holidays and everyone doing something productive in these three months, I too have chosen an internship for myself in a startup gaming firm. Over there I am going to be involved in the pre production of a game and I'll be introduced to a lot of game engines (mainly Torque). Also I will help in programming the first level of the game. This is one option I have. The other option I have is stay at home and develop a game myself which I can show to companies abroad for an internship in my third year. I will stay at home, learn a game engine myself and create a game. Both seem like very attractive offers, but I dont know how to choose. I wanted to get an unbiased opinion from you guys. Where would I learn more and which would help me more in the future, as I want to get into game development after college? Thanks!
  14. Hey guys, I am 2nd year student completing my B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering and I am very very interested in game programming. This summer I am doing an internship in a gaming company which specializes in OpenGL coding. I have also started learning DirectX 9. My final goal is to join some big gaming company like Ubisoft or EA after graduating. I would like to know what these kind of companies look for in a fresher? And what kind of preperation should I do which will help me get a job in these kinds of gaming firms? Thanks!
  15. ak11streetballer


    Well actually I am using a constant value for alpha which is 8 bits long. I initialized it as - alpha = 00000000; Is this correct? I thought of another way to take care of the cascading problem you mentioned. If I am just read 3 bytes, what if I align my macro in such a way that the B component is always preceded by 8 zeros? So my macro will look like - #define RGB32(blue, green, red) ((8>>(blue<<16))|(green<<8)|(red)) I tried this too actually and it just resulted in me getting an pinkish image.
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