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  1. samson77

    2d game tutorial for c++

    Check out All the videos are freely available via youtube. I'd recommend spending the $15 to get access to the source code to be able to delve into the code even more. In my opinion the best thing that happened for game develepment in a long time!
  2. samson77

    Showreel Feedback

    Neat! Maybe a bit more info (or links) on the actual games/projects? What's the game "Loyal" ? Has that been released yet? Looks interesting...
  3. samson77

    OpenAL streaming: Sometimes no output

    Ok, I have created a Sound DLL which I am using in my game. This DLL uses OpenAL to stream music (WAV files) and creates a thread per wav file. I am only using two threads so that I can fade music 1 out when I start playing a new one. Everything works fine for the first 2 music switches, but when I switch to music 4 the it starts streaming ok, but then the AL_STATE all of a sudden switches to AL_STOPPED even though I am not stopping it. Maybe I am just missing something simple like thread safety; but I have even put a mutex around all OpenAL calls and no other data is shared. Any idea?
  4. Hi there, I am streaming music files (WAV) with OpenAL and everything works fine. But sometimes when I stop streaming and start streaming a new file I don't get any output (speaker) even though there weren't any errors and OpenAL says AL_PLAYING. I am using the same files over and over and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't... Any ideas why that is?
  5. samson77

    Say Goodbye, Boring Score Boards!

    Really cool stuff! There's only one thing I can't get my head around yet: You use a white background and the outlines of the log are anti-aliased with the white background. If you change the background color then you have a really bad outline, if you know what I mean. How do you get around that? Is there a way to make it anti-aliased with whatever background there is?
  6. samson77

    BlitBlt() slow on Win7 64bit

    I actually meant BitBlt(), not BlitBlt(). Anyone?
  7. Hi there, I have written an application to do a real time screen capture and save it as a video (MFC, C++) and it works like a charm under Windows XP. Calling BlitBlt() takes about 2ms. However, when I run my app under Win7 64bit the BlitBlt() call takes at least 50ms. Any idea what's going on there?
  8. I am trying to use opengl shaders (glsl) in combination with a Qt application on Windows. To compile my Qt app I am using MinGW (I can't use Visual Studio express, because that's not supported by Qt); this means that I have to compile the Glew dll also with MinGW, doesn't it? If so, how do I do it? The Glew docs say that I have to use Cygwin, but isn't that a different compiler to MinGW which wouldn't work in combination with Qt? Second question: I use make (mingw32-make.exe). Which compiler does that use: mingw32-c++.exe, mingw32-g++.exe or mingw32-gcc.exe? Thanks.
  9. samson77

    OpenGL video playback frame rate

    This would result in rendering the video as fast as possible. I guess I implement a timer and check in the OpenGL render function if 1/24th of a second has passed and then render the texture...
  10. I want to playback a video which has 24 frames per second. How would I render that in OpenGL. Do I lock OpenGL to only render 24 times a second? How would I do that? Thanks.
  11. samson77

    OpenGL Image processing

    The video I will be playing back is either 720x576 (PAL) or 1280x720. So they are both non-power of 2. How do I go about creating a texture? Do I just take the next size up to be power of 2? How would I put that texture then onto a quad?
  12. samson77

    OpenGL Image processing

    I thought PBOs shouldn't be used anymore and FBOs are preferred?
  13. samson77

    OpenGL Image processing

    It has to be in real time (can't use glDrawPixels). That's why I thought I should use FBOs to do all the processing offscreen and then when I am done I would display it. I might also have to use shaders to do the processing. I will look into glTexImage; hope this will work.
  14. I have written some code that provides me with the raw data of video frames and I want to manipulate the pixel data of each frame. I am using OpenGL (in Qt) and C++. After manipulating the video frame I want to render it using OpenGL. I have researched that I probably should use FBOs to render the data, but I don't quite know how it all works. Do I have to copy the video frame into a texture and then use that texture in combination with the FBO? How would I set that up? I have found some tutorials about how to use FBOs in 3D, but they don't really explain the mechanics about it. I only need to set up a 2D environment to display the video frames, don't I. Can anyone point me to some tutorials that actually explain things in detail and use plain OpenGL?
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