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  1. VirtualVoid

    Indie by Default - Part II

    I've got the same problem with art. Even if I try to do something, I throw it away because I always fall into depression :-/
  2. VirtualVoid

    Good open source Game Engine

    Look at Irrlicht, Ogre3D or CrystalSpace 3D. I think you don't need to create new one from scratch, these are perfect :)
  3. very impressive. i think i should stop and abandon my editor now :)
  4. VirtualVoid

    Use OpenGL in XNA

    Quote:Original post by jetacido ah so no chance of using OpenGL in xna? no chance. use opentk or tao.opengl
  5. VirtualVoid

    camera FOV in games

    for FOV computing i'm using this simple thing : float aspectRatio = static_cast<float>(m_WindowWidth / m_WindowHeight); float fovy = 2 * atan(aspectRatio) * 180 / 3.14f; gluPerspective(fovy, aspectRatio, zNear, zFar);
  6. VirtualVoid

    Making a directx game question

    if u wanna use C#, then try the Mono project, for OpenGL use Tao or either OpenTK :)
  7. VirtualVoid

    Linux Games

    www.google.com www.libsdl.org
  8. VirtualVoid

    New Sprite animating tool in BETA

    awesome :)
  9. VirtualVoid

    from PHP to c#

    add reference to your project. if you still don't get it you should learn some .NET/C# basics first.
  10. VirtualVoid

    soundplayer class

    well, it's the same way as in "non-console". look at fmod samples
  11. VirtualVoid

    from PHP to c#

  12. VirtualVoid

    SDL with Direct3D AND OpenGL?

    Quote:Original post by mhagain I don't know about SDL, but in theory it should be possible to have 2 panel-style controls on a window, each rendered to using a different API. Performance would likely be suboptimal though. I've never tried that before, but I think both D3D and OGL are the same. Combination of SDL + OpenGL is great and ofcourse more portable so in this case use of D3D with SDL is imho unnecessary and/or maybe obsolete.
  13. VirtualVoid

    SDL with Direct3D AND OpenGL?

    why do you need crazy combination like that ? I don't get it.
  14. I think the C++ will be better choice. You can write multiplatform GUI using Qt or gtk libraries. Or maybe you can think about C# and .NET or Mono (which is multiplatform .NET implementation).
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