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    Need pixel artist (short notice)

    Here, i'll post a screenshot of what I got to show you how desperately I need an artist :p EDIT: errr... or just a link I guess
  2. If anyone is interested in helping me out in the next 17 hours with some 2d graphics (not much work) for a game competition please contact me on MSN: (no money involved, just for experience and fun) My artist ending up getting a whole bunch of work before the competition started (he does 2d graphics for gameboy and cellphone games) and had to bail out :(. I've been trying to code, music, sfx the entire game myself, and the graphic side of things is really dragging me down. Short description of the game: (the topic is horror and I have 72 hours to make a game) 2d over the top view, your a robot kinda like in war of the worlds just on a rampage killing humans in a populated metropolis setting. The bad guys are the military trying to kill you, they're just easy peons that you get to crush too. Left click you get a machine gun that fires at about 60 shots per second, and rightclick you get a rocket launcher. The controls are very similar to soldat in that you use mouse and keyboard in a WASD setup and point and click for aiming. Most of the game mechanics are already programmed, if I have time I'll be adding multiplayer and you can test it with me :D I also want to add a mouse gesture melee attack, but that might have to be dropped also. Essentially I got little to no art, so my screenshot won't look impressive. I have a map editor working (map size is 256X256 tiles). The tiles are 32X32, the game objects (like buildings, tanks, people, trees) can be any size. I'm not picky on an artist, and style is encouraged. If you can rise to the occasion and mass produce my art over the next 17 hours. I would be forever in debt. And most important, it's about fun, you getta play a game that no one else ever has, and you have the satisfaction in knowing you got to help make it :D
  3. Spectro

    Gamer to Coding God in 2 weeks

    Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster pointers, classes, functions, variable types, structures, control statements, etc. Don't worry, I have a good handle on basic c++, and I've been doing directx programming VERY leisurely for the last 5 years. I know exactly what I'm getting into. And I know have have alot of work ahead of me lol :) I've made some basic games in directx like pong before... but I ussually don't do it enough to really stay keen at it. And since I've really started to go hardcore with game creation lately, they'll probably work me in more and more as I learn more, This is just one baby step towards a much larger goal.
  4. Spectro

    Gamer to Coding God in 2 weeks

    Thanks for the quick responce. Our group does have alot of potential, for the most part, 3 of us makes a game in less than 3 days. I do sfx and music etc. etc. I used to wanna be a programmer, so I did pursue it for a bit. And hence sometimes I can quite often give our programmer guidance for tricky things which is largely why he wants me to be more well versed in DirectX etc. So I suppose in the future, shaders and more advanced things would be on the horizon, but for this project, I'm just gonna stick to 2d gfx and sound programming. EDIT: Btw in 2 weeks I have to use my skills to proggy and rpg in less than 3 days ;)
  5. Yes, watch it done here. Starting this wednesday I will be doing some serious directX learnaging and coding. I will be asking for general noob DX help in this thread... Maybe god was a little strong, lets just say capable at using the basics of DirectX, but that wouldn't have been an as cool title. So anyways, I'll be using C++ which I'm somewhat capable in, and obviously the tool for the job. First off, besides looking at the example source code in the Direct X 9 sdk, is there anything more I can do to better understand the source? Cheers
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