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  1. Std::cin alternative?

    Have you considered having a send thread and a receive thread?
  2. Why Are My Random Numbers Not Random?

    Try making the first template argument of variate_generator a reference: boost::variate_generator<boost::mt19937&, boost::uniform_real<float>> random(randomGenerator, distribution); Check out the example in the boost documentation: http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_43_0/doc/html/boost_random.html
  3. camera movement problems

    Quote:Original post by C3rial camPosX = camPosX + (camViewX - camPosX) * moveSpeed; camPosZ = camPosZ + (camViewZ - camPosZ) * moveSpeed; camViewX = camViewX + (camViewX - camPosX) * moveSpeed; camViewZ = camViewZ + (camViewZ - camPosZ) * moveSpeed; The way the new positions are calculated, the camPos will slowly get closer to the viewPos. So, the camera will eventually slow to a stop. Try something like: float xMove = (camViewX - camPosX) * moveSpeed; float zMove = (camViewZ - camPosZ) * moveSpeed; camPosX = camPosX + xMove; camPosZ = camPosZ + zMove; camViewX = camViewX + xMove; camViewZ = camViewZ + zMove; that way the amount to move camView will not be calculated differently from the amount to move camPos.
  4. C# + OpenGL, "unsafe" context??

    That's correct (now http://taoframework.com/). What are you using for OpenGL bindings?
  5. C# + OpenGL, "unsafe" context??

    I actually just started using vertex arrays in c# a couple days ago myself, and the source code of the Tao examples was a big help. If you're using Tao checkout: \Tao_Install_Folder\source\examples\Redbook\Varray.cs I have been using double arrays successfully by just passing the variable to glVertexPointer() without casting.
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