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  1. Hello there! We're a small game team (Seven Shapes Studios) and have previously made Killing Engine. Now we're working on a new project that for now carries the name Drive (we'll see if that sustains to the end). Currently there are only few programmers and 3d-artists in the team and we've been writing the design document and planning the scedule for the project. Now, if the team size remains as it is now, the game isn't gonna be too huge since we wanna get it done in more or less two years. So this is why I'm also posting here. We'd like to have more developers working with this project. If you're interested, can handle C++ programming, 3d-modelling or texturing, join the channel #drive @IRCnet or drop me an e-mail in juha_keranen@suomi24.fi. We'd be more than happy to tell a more about the project if we can get skilled people to join our humble team. :) Finally, here's a render one of our current 3d-artists did as a sample. All of those models are gonna be in the game and the perspective will similarly be a bit off the ground. We'll see how it turns out.
  2. I don't know about a minimap. How about locking into some coordinates and using some sort of hyper warp to do the travelling? Or You don't have to make the smaller planets smaller in the map screen. The ship's got a radar that tells the pilot about any information nearby. Then the map screen shows lighted leds in those places that supposedly have planets there. They could be large planets or small ones or just asteroids. What do you say about that? Maybe if you explain a bit further what you want to achieve and make the player do...
  3. Thanks! :) I'm not sure if it's got to do anything with the connection but rather with the graphics. If we'd have some other servers out there to compare it with, maybe you could tell.
  4. Yeah, the manual tells a lot about crouching... you can hide behind some objects and dive in the water. :) Thanks for the heads up with that EXIT thing.
  5. The game is finally ready and you can get it from: killingengine.com Changelog etc. information Screenshots: screenshot_1 screenshot_2 screenshot_3
  6. Killing Engine is our little 2d multiplayer shooter game. It's got 3 game modes now, a bunch of weapons, large maps and destructible environment. :) Here are some screenshots: Today (Dec 16th) we're playing at 20:00 (UTC+2) and trying out the version 0.92. If you enocunter problems of any sort or just plain want to come and chat with us join the channel #killingengine @IRCnet. :) I suggest that everyone that likes the game should keep an eye on to the game forums for gaming schedules and possibly inform others about them if they can host games themselves. Killing Engine forums Up til now there hasn't been too many players in the game. If lucky, we might've caught one or two players randomly playing the game. I myself would very much like to play but it's kind of a drag that I need to post to 10 different forums in order to get enough people to join the games. In the Hall of Fame only 23 player have scores and there's over 150 accounts in there. So, people DO create accounts but for some reason we haven't been able to get games going.
  7. Here's one with a little more action going on: :)
  8. Oh, here are the latest screenshots: :) And you can find that old video up there too.
  9. Howdy. We've finally released the beta version 0.9 where you can now host your own games. Check it out: www.killingengine.com. :) You need to have an account in order to play so sign in while you wait the download to finish. :) Also, get your friends to play. The more the merrier. It's completely free.
  10. Tonight (in Finland) we're going to have the beta 0.88 tests. It starts at 8:00 PM GMT+2 (so 1:00 PM EDT). You can read the updates of the newest version in our forum: http://www.killingengine.com/forum/
  11. No, no. We'll put hosting in the v1.0. :) Obviously WE can host games, but we try to control the spreading of this beta version a bit. You're welcome to join our tests on Sunday.
  12. New website published! http://www.killingengine.com/ Come and visit our site. We've added a forum there so anyone interested in the game, mapping or beta tests can chat with other individuals there. When registering, note that your username and password are the same that will be used when logging into the game.
  13. We are having a beta test session this sunday at 21:00 GMT+2 (so it's 2:00 PM Eastern Time) and everyone's welcome to join us. You can download the game package from our website about 10 minutes before the test begins and you can join our channel #killingengine @ IRCnet to get additional info there. You just start the game and join our test server (the only on in the list) that we'll start up when the tests begin. Here's one of the newer screenshots: [Edited by - January85 on September 21, 2009 2:10:54 PM]
  14. Haha, looks awesome! :D I ought to show this to my girlfriend. If it brings up some issues I owe you one, man. :)
  15. Hello, my fellow Pepsi drinkers! Our project is about blowing things up. Finns and Russians shooting eachother up in these large battlefields. 64 players, shit load of guns, Level Editor, cool graphics etc. :) http://killingengine.com/ If I got you interested, there's the website. There are videos, screenshots, you can download the Level Editor and so on. We would love to have some more beta testers. You can check the schedule from the site or come to #killingengine @ IRCnet. We are friendly folks. :) The version 1.0 will be published December 12th. The game features destructable walls and objects, the usual game modes, and lots of guns, grenades and explosives. Video from beta test session 0.85: YouTube VIDEO (note: there's HD version too) [Edited by - January85 on September 21, 2009 2:29:36 PM]