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  1. Hello all,   I am looking for some resources or information for developing a complex collision detection\response system.  I have a swept-ellipsoid system up and running for player-world collisions but where I am running into issues is combining object-object and object world collisions.     The real issue I am trying to resolve in the design phase is when looking at objects that could potentially stop or alter another object's motion (say some crates that can be moved, but act as "walls" when the player runs up against them.) I imagine that I would have to do something similar to the following: Find the displacement of the object Find the earliest time that the object collides with the world (a) Find the earliest time that the object collides with ANY other object (culled in the broad phase, of course) Move the object along the displacement by the less of (a) or (b) and perform response Iterate until the displacement is entirely used Is this correct? This seems like it will be very expensive as I will have to check each possible colliding object every iteration of the check. Another issue: What about objects that push other objects: Example, say a crate falls and pushes a player. I would need to move the crate until it hits the player, then do an entire collision detection run for the player as it is pushed before finishing the crate's movement. That also seems like it could get prohibitively expensive as a push may cause another push, and so on. Most of the information I have found is to determine whether 2 object collide, which I already have a firm grasp of.  I need to expand that into a collision system with multiple objects. Any guidance is much appreciated.
  2. DX11 DirectX 11 depth buffer problem

    I had a similar problem which was caused by my perspective projection calculation being done with a 0 for the near clipping plane distance. Check to see if this is the same case for you, and if so set it to a small value like .1 or so.