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    When a Game Teaches You

    Them being 2D and yours being 3D doesn't mean they aren't comparable.    Most games aren't a single person's work, but requires teams as did both the games I posted. One was done by a friend (who has won awards himself) and the other was done by a team in the northern part of my state. I truly hope you get the game made.   Just please tell me that you all have primary jobs for income and are working on this as a team in your free time. I always get worried when I find teams have families and don't have a steady job while working on games.     How on earth you expect them to make a full 3D game for 10k is not only unrealistic, but absurd. The game showed polished visuals, which for a video game kickstarter is essential when you do not have a famous studio or name behind you. I think it lacked a clear pitch that it is a puzzle game, and also the trailer didn't show enough gameplay. Showing the play through of a level would have been great, and maybe concepts of the features you would like to implement. I have a team working for a kickstarter and we are going to have to ask for quite a bit of money because content creation is labor intensive, and labor is not free.   I backed algo-bot. I have nieces who I am trying to get into games that are mind-benders :) Algo-bot would have been perfect for them. (notice in my brief description I didn't say a word about coding :) )   Lastly, http://stonemaiergames.com/kickstarter/ is a great resource!!   I wish you guys the best of luck!!   -Joe Andresen Redwood Pixel redwoodpixel.com
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