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    Texture problem in 3ds Max

    You know, composing a thread to define and articulate the problem, made it easier to find the correct search prhase for answers. As for what my searches told me, 3ds is an old format that does not store texture paths. 3ds Max should autoload the textures if they are in a path defined to contain textures. (Still a little weird, since I added the Imports folder as a texture path.. I'll try this again when I get home) It seems that I have to manually stash my textures in the material editor slots in order to view them on model in viewspace, which I think is a little cumbersome.. Is there an easier way?
  2. Hi, Not a programming question, but I figured a lot of you have experience with 3DS Max. If I load a 3ds model in 3ds Max 2009, it's not textured. If I hit F9 for a render image, a message pops up asking for the location of the model textures. If I browse up the correct paths, it will show textures correctly in the renderimage, but still not in the viewspaces unless i apply textures from the material editor. Is it something I need to enable? I'm a little confused as of why the app can't find the textures by itself, especially since they usually are located in the same folder or a subfolder to the model.. It's usually no problem if I load up a model in MilkShape.
  3. hspirdal

    I wanna be the guy!

    Quote:I had to revert to this to make myself feel better. =( That was hilarious, the credit song was really good. :)
  4. I applaud you for doing the "whole package", even though it's "Just A Small Clone". It's very tempting to rush on to the next shiny project when the basic game code for a demo is finished. Also, taking the time to reflect and learn from the process, as you no doubt know, is important. Is the art minus the background your work? If so, your programmer art is really good, you should be proud! :) I haven't tested your game because of the freetype problem mentioned above, but your thread was really good, and I think you deserve a pat on the back. You seem to take pride in your work, judging by the screenshots.
  5. hspirdal

    Weird model behavior

    About the model texture being drawn weird - I didn't save the state when calling Spritebatch.Begin() while drawing 2D text (I only enabled depth buffer after End). The only models which was affected by this in my testing, was models done by Sven Dännart, however. While it isn't a big issue, I still have to scale his models pretty much (like 12 times its original size) while they appear roughly the same size without scaling in other projects I've tested them in. I guess this has a lot to do with the camera setting and such, I'm still trying to grasp the concept and get a more solid understanding. If any of you have something to add, whether it would be hints, tips, explanations, whatever, I'd appreciate it.
  6. Hi, I've recently been learning 3D programming and wanted to make a third-person camera (NWN2 style) with some test models as well as trying out animations with the XNAnimation library. It's all well and good, but one of my models (house) behaves very strange, and I can't really see why it does so. When drawn, it becomes very small compared to its original size (I haven't scaled it down) and its textures are drawn weird as well. If I draw the model in another project, it is drawn correct. I've debugged it for several hours, checking differences, making sure things don't interfere and disabled XNAnimation, but it's still no good. The problematic model: Model viewed correctly in another project: Could any of you take a look at it? Source Code Sample code for third-person camera on MSDN I'm really baffled as to why this happens. Model credits: DarkElf model by Clawdo (turbosquid.com) House model by Sven Dännart (the3dstudio.com) Marine model from XNAnimation Sample Kit
  7. Why not just make your own little script/app which trawls a directory and sub-directories for source files and interpret them? Look for strings if found if(CheckAgainstIgnoreList) Continue with interpretation of file else Write source file and line number to log The ignore list would contain stuff like #include and so on..
  8. hspirdal

    [Not game related]Are these solutions correct?

    You are very correct, Fingon! I also wrote it off as a typo, when the typo really is the square. A little back and forth, should make for a more solid experience, however. Nice catch! :)
  9. hspirdal

    [Not game related]Are these solutions correct?

    grhodes_at_work: I'm glad I wasn't stepping on someones toes by asking my questions. Gamedev.net is certainly a very helpful community. Quote:Sorry, your first answer for question 1 was in fact correct. Fingon: I'm pretty sure my latest solution to Ex1 is the correct one (4pi). (-16pi)/(12) - (-16pi)/3 = -4pi/3-(-16pi/3)=4pi. In my first solution, I think I mistyped -2pi/3 instead of -4pi/3 and evaluated from there.
  10. hspirdal

    [Not game related]Are these solutions correct?

    Thank you both for showing interest and helping, it is very much appreciated! Fingon: Thanks for spotting that error in ex1, the resulting volume should be 4Pi if I'm not terribly mistaken. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by modulus sign, but I think you mean that LN(a) is always measured as an absolute value and therefor a ln(-2) would be evaluated as ln(2) instead. Is this true for imaginary calculations as well? Anyhow, here's my updated Exercise 3: Thanks guys, and good night!
  11. Hi, being a Norwegian student, I'm not sure if the math terms I show is what international readers would expect, but I think it's pretty much readable, except maybe some constant letters may differ.. Anyhow, I would be grateful if anyone could take a quick look and see if my solutions are correct. I know this forum, is mostly for game related stuff, but people here are usually very helpful in general. Ex1) The curve, the x-axis and the y-axis and the line x = 1 delimits an area in the first quadrant. Calculate the exact volume of the body(wrong term?)appearing when it rotates 360 degrees around the x-axis. Solution: Ex2) Solution: Ex3) Solution: Even if one of these only get confirmed due to lack of time or whatever, I'd be very grateful! I'm sorry if I overstep some forum-rules by posting non-game related math questions.
  12. hspirdal

    Old school LAN gaming

    You can't go wrong with Starcraft and Age of Empires on old school LAN's!
  13. That's awesome. Thanks a bunch, dragongame!
  14. Does anyone know of a program which can simulate different monitor screen sizes? For example, I'm using a 26" Wide Screen at home, but I would love to have an app which can simulate my screen to be a 19" or 21" and just put black borders in areas that isn't part of the selected size. This would make testing of different screen sizes and resolutions a lot easier in games which runs in full screen.
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