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    Convert a number to a byte array

    Thanks! It does!
  2. Fromethius

    Convert a number to a byte array

    The output that gives me is 140, 1, 0, and 0. 140 is 3 digits and not two so it cannot fit in the two bit 0xYZ format, no? Or perhaps I need to convert 140 to hex first?
  3. I noticed that packets are sent in an array of bytes. For example: { 0xF7, 0x13, 0xFE } How can I convert a number such as 396 to a byte array such as this? Thanks Oh, btw, this is for C#. However, I know VB.NET, C and C++ as well if you only have the code for that. Or perhaps you could just explain the technique in the conversion.
  4. But will that image being drawn be saved along with the rest of the image if the user pressed save?
  5. I don't think either of those would work. The first one isn't even remotely related and the second one just overlays the text, no? Also, it's written in C++ and I don't really understand much of it.
  6. My question is similar to this thread: http://vbforums.com/showthread.php?t=498183 Actually, my question for this thread was asked as the last post of that thread, but no one really answered it and it's best to not hijack a thread, I guess. As of right now, I wrote an application that will automatically redraw the image given pixel by pixel, but is way too slow and takes large images many, many images which is unacceptable. You can see the code I have written here: http://rafb.net/p/Kti1P079.html Anyways, I was hoping to think of a more "hacking" solution into doing this. Could I simply just not draw onto the canvas? Well, of course I can, but it is not actually drawn on. It is just visually there and right when I click away or move the window, it disappears. My question for this thread: Is there a way to possibly "hook" into the WM_PAINT message handler and actually have the program draw the image as if it was drawn onto the screen using the mouse. Would such a thing be possible? I got stimulating mouse clicks to redraw the image working properly but it is just too slow. I need a way of just pasting the image onto the canvas and having the program think it was actually drawn on there using a mouse or something of the sort and have it stick. Any ideas? Thanks :)
  7. Fromethius

    To Change or Not to Change Screen Resolution

    Just make the form a fixed size.
  8. Fromethius

    UML Modeling Tools For C#

    Well I would prefer C#.. Does anyone know what program was used to create this diagram? http://msdn.microsoft.com/coding4fun/images/gamedev/rocketcmd/rocketcmd_4.png
  9. Does anyone know any good UML Modeling Tools for C#? I just want something simple. Something that will model my application with some diagrams. Nothing fancy, but I at least want it to support basic things like inheritance and other object oriented terms. Hopefully it can be free, but I don't mind paying, as long as it's not like over 9000 dollars. Has anyone used UML modeling tools before? Can you recommend any? Thanks
  10. Fromethius

    Side scrolling

    Thanks! That's really helpful :) Rated!
  11. Fromethius


    I know what you mean, really, but are there really any (professional) games out there that have their map files so unprotected in a text file or xml file waiting for the user just to open them, look for 5 seconds, and then easily change them? I mean, at least if I put the map file in an array of integers inside a class or in its own DLL file, then it's practically impossible for the users to change the map files. And if they did somehow change them, it would probably produce errors and the game wouldn't run. Would you guys, where the tile placement of the map is key and most vital in the game itself, just allow that information to be sitting in a text file on the users desktop?
  12. Fromethius


    Quote:Original post by Kylotan Quote:Original post by Fromethius Would it be better to have an external file? If so, what? A text file, or possibly even XML file? Doesn't that make it easier for people to mess with your maps then if they just have to edit the file? Would I have to use encryption and decryption? All of a sudden, it sounds a bit confusing. Who cares? If I write a book and somebody buys it, it's their problem if they decide to start scribbling out some of the words or writing their own story on the paper. Yes, but, if it is a game and I allow them to edit the maps, then I am allowing them to cheat and thus be able to finish the game easier.
  13. Fromethius

    Characters and animation

    Hi, I've noticed for some games, the character template is broken up into ligaments into either separate image or tiles within an image. Is this approach worth it, you think? There are two ways to do it. Have separate ligaments of a character template broken up or have one character template all together as one image and then do the poses in another, etc. The problem arises when you want to add armor to the character. Do you just overlay the armor on top of the character at a specific position? Because in that case, you are first drawing the character and then the armor on top of it which, though it may not be much, adds to unnecessary rendering. This being a 2D side scroller RPG, if any of you have done such a thing as to have characters that you can control as 2D, how did you handle it? Separate ligaments or grouped together? Thanks.
  14. Fromethius


    Hello, How do you all handle tiles in 2D games? I know many people use map editors and then when they are done drawing the map, the map editor spits out an array full of numbers and such containing the tiles, but is this really practical? That way, it is still hard coded in, but it still is easier designing the map. Would it be better to have an external file? If so, what? A text file, or possibly even XML file? Doesn't that make it easier for people to mess with your maps then if they just have to edit the file? Would I have to use encryption and decryption? All of a sudden, it sounds a bit confusing. By the way, it is going to be for a side scroller. There seems like so many ways to do it. How do you all do it? I was initially thinking just having a map editor that will spit out a file that my game will read at runtime containing all the entities and their locations, but now it isn't sounding so feasible. Does anyone have any information on this topic or perhaps some experience in it? Thanks.
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