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  1. I load a model into memory and i have the vertices and faces of it. i want to divide the faces into the segments 1-4 |-----------| |..1..|..2..| |.....|.....| |-----|-----| |..3..|..4..| |.....|.....| |-----------| How would i sort the faces into their correct segment based on their position? Thanks
  2. OK say my model is split into a quad tree. How do i calculate which of the four sections cant been seen and shouldnt be rendered?
  3. I'm busy writing a FPS using c++ on windows and i was wondering how should the different parts of the game interact? For example how would my camera class interact with my model class to do collision detection and spatial partitioning etc... Thanks
  4. I'm using 3ds max as my modeling program and I've decided to use Omni and Target Spot lights for my model format. Now i was wondering what sort of properties of the light would i have to save for basic lighting. I don't really understand lighting that well. Especially the parts about attenuation. Also how would i implement these two light types? I think i would have to use shaders? And if I do how would i go about implementing them? Thanks
  5. hahaha

    AVI in OpenGL

    Glad to help:)
  6. hahaha

    AVI in OpenGL

    Did you link to Vfw32.lib? if you didnt then do this #pragma comment(lib, "Vfw32.Lib")
  7. -- Faces if Mesh.NumFaces > 0 then ( for i = 1 to Mesh.numFaces do ( verts = GetFace Mesh i tvert = GetTVFace Mesh i normal = GetFaceNormal Mesh i append FacesX (verts.x as integer-1) append FacesY (verts.y as integer-1) append FacesZ (verts.z as integer-1) append FacesNX (normal.x as Float) append FacesNY (normal.y as Float) append FacesNZ (normal.z as Float) append FacesTX (tvert.x as integer-1) append FacesTY (tvert.y as integer-1) append FacesTZ (tvert.z as integer-1) ) ) Thers my code for getting the vertices, texture vertices and normals but now how would i get the diffuse texture name for each face? Thanks
  8. hahaha

    How do YOU handle input?

    What im trying to see is if there is a better way than This to handle input but still encapsulating OS dependant code on windows
  9. I want to know how you handle your input...Excluding DirectInput and other operating systems other than Windows Thanks
  10. hahaha

    2D Map Editor

    When i made my 2d editor i used OpenGL but im sure you could use the windows api function BitBlt to draw things maybe?
  11. hahaha

    music suggestions?

    The bands i mainly listen to: Slayer - I Love Kerry King! and the cd Reign in blood Cradle Of Filth Children of Bodom - Are you dead yet? is awesome Arch Enemy Trivium - Listen to the cd Ascendancy Blinded Colony Bullet for my valentine - The entire "The Poison" cd is brilliant Chimaira - Listen to power trip its an awesome song! Slipknot Dimmu Borgir You probly wont like half these bands but they all have great guitarists with lots of catchy riffs
  12. hahaha

    MS Access and C#

    Anyone else?
  13. hahaha

    MS Access and C#

    Thanks a lot that really helped
  14. hahaha

    MS Access and C#

    I recently downloaded Visual Web Developer 2008 and I'm designing a web page that needs a MS Access database. I'm using ASP.NET with C#. I've searched on google but i couldn't find any tutorials on using a MS Access database with C#. If anyone knows of any tutorials please tell me. Thanks
  15. hahaha

    Playing Internet Radio With Flash

    I did that yesterday and those results didnt help me much. For example the one with th xml playlist. I dont just wana play songs i also want to stream taliking through a mic etc...Like proper radio
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