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  1. GregMichael

    [Bullet]Fast objects crashing through my level bounds

    Do a search on the Bullet forums for "Tunnelling" - that's the problem you are seeing.
  2. @RobTheBloke - pure genius
  3. GregMichael

    Illegal use of type 'void'

    Try this... public: void handle_input(); void move(); void render();
  4. GregMichael

    iterators are they as fast as pointers?

    I come from a C background so have been using pointers for many years...just getting to grips with C++ in the last few years....still got a way to go I've just got to get "frobnicate" in the next game I do...even if it's in the special thanks section for the credits - LOL !
  5. GregMichael

    iterators are they as fast as pointers?

    The only way to be sure would be to profile. I have a hunch (though it's just a hunch) that iterators are just as efficient as pointers...although I have no experience to back that up. What I do have experience with is looking at the resulting assembly that get's spat out by the compiler...and seeing if it's doing a good job...which generally it is.
  6. GregMichael

    Raw Input... How?

    RTFM ?
  7. GregMichael

    What is wrong with this code?

    My eyes bleed as well. It would help to know what errors you are mentioned previously using "const" instead of "Const" will be a good starting point.
  8. GregMichael

    What do you guys do at work, when not working?

    I don't disagree with you at all...still I'd like to *think* at least, that all my (former) employees were working and not surfing the web all day long. As long as the work get's done on time and to the quality expected, and stays within budget....I honestly do not care what people do (as long as it's legal)
  9. GregMichael

    What do you guys do at work, when not working?

    I'd fire you lot if you were an employee of mine and NOT working And don't give me the "I'm just waiting for the build to finish" nonsense - LOL !!!
  10. GregMichael

    C Program

    What IDE are you using ? If it's Visual Studio 2010 etc....try setting some break points and step through the code to see what it is doing.
  11. GregMichael

    [c++ dx9]FAILED error code?

    Check the documentation. It will state what return values you will get when calling DirectX functions. You don't say which call failed ?
  12. GregMichael

    [c++ dx9]FAILED error code?

    You can also turn on / increase the debug output via the DirectX control panel that comes with the SDK.
  13. GregMichael

    C++ coding standard

    " I'm too lazy to give you any more explanations" So why should rip-off or anyone else try and help you ? From my experience, different companies have different coding standards...there isn't one book or reference that will tell you which one to use...they will all be different. Try Google.
  14. GregMichael

    Calculating vertex normals

    I *think* you can do it a bit simpler.... u1 = (v2 - v1) u2 = (v3 - v1) normal = u2 x u1 Then just normalise "normal".... normal /= || normal || I think that's correct...
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