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    Finding out what to do!

    Alright no errors just when I try to open it up it doesnt open it up it wont do anything it just, stay teh same it doesnt open up a hge preview Also I am using Dev c++ I tryed VC++ but I dont really like it... [Edited by - Arctic on July 8, 2007 2:49:59 PM]
  2. Arctic

    Finding out what to do!

    There is not tutorial or 2005 only 06 and thats windows 95 hahah
  3. Arctic

    Finding out what to do!

    Alright Captain P I wanna thank you for that post but some questions alerk! I am trying to run the source code when I get this, it compiles but it does not run it just doesnt do anything after I try to run it? Compiler: Default compiler Building Makefile: "C:\hge17\Hge_project\" Executing make... make.exe -f "C:\hge17\Hge_project\" all g++.exe main.o -o "hge.exe" -L"C:/hge17/lib/gcc" -mwindows ../lib/gcc/libhgehelp.a ../lib/gcc/libhge.a Execution terminated Compilation successful CODE: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\#include <hge.h> HGE *hge = 0; bool FrameFunc() { if (hge->Input_GetKeyState(HGEK_ESCAPE)) return true; return false; } int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE, HINSTANCE, LPSTR, int) { hge = hgeCreate(HGE_VERSION); hge->System_SetState(HGE_FRAMEFUNC, FrameFunc); hge->System_SetState(HGE_WINDOWED, true); hge->System_SetState(HGE_USESOUND, false); hge->System_SetState(HGE_TITLE, "HGE Tutorial 01 - Minimal HGE application"); if(hge->System_Initiate()) { hge->System_Start(); } else { MessageBox(NULL, hge->System_GetErrorMessage(), "Error", MB_OK | MB_ICONERROR | MB_APPLMODAL); } hge->System_Shutdown(); hge->Release(); return 0; } \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\End of Code
  4. Arctic

    Finding out what to do!

    Heh yep, that would be very important!
  5. I understand in a game design there is lots of work to be done, its not just something that can happend overnight, it takes time and it takes people. I would like to know what I need to know when devolping a game. If you can help me out or give me any advice feel free, tell me how it is being a game devolper! So far I know you need to know 1) Language C++/Java/C#/python I can choose one those 2) LUA for a user interface 3) DirectX 4) GUI What else do I need to know feel free to crisise Thank you, Game Dev. Team + Members
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