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  1. How to run this AI program(C++) ?

    If I'm not mistaken, afxres.h is part of the MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes).
  2. c++ quiz project (beginner)

    Showing us your code will greatly help in resolving your issues.
  3. Engine that doesn't require developer licence?

    What language(s) do you wan't to develop in? 2D or 3D? Any other requirements of the engine?
  4. What is real license of FTGL?

    "FTGL is free software. You may use it, modify it and redistribute it under the terms of the MIT license or the GNU LGPL, at your option." - FTGL Website   FTGL uses FreeType which is released under a BSD-style license: http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/freetype/freetype2.git/tree/docs/FTL.TXT    
  5. OpenGL Library for ray-tracing

  6. hlsl normalize a float9 ?

    Ehm, language?
  7. SlimDX future?

    Looking at the source at Google Code, I found updates as soon as two days ago. So I'd say it's still alive.
  8. OpenGL GLSL version considerations?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GLSL#Versions   That's a list of which GLSL version was released with what version of OpenGL.   The numbers declared in the files, such as 150 and 330 is the first and second part of the GLSL version number without the period (.) if I'm not mistaken.   Use an as new version as you can.   Edit: http://renderingpipeline.com/2012/03/shader-model-and-glsl-versions/ Another list with thier respective version numbers.
  9. OpenGL Is GL_NORMALIZE still slow?

    GL_NORMALIZE is the slowest normal transformation, but i wouldn't say it's a problem.
  10. OpenGL GLUT or native window?

    I recommend GLFW (http://www.glfw.org/), It does pretty much the same things as GLUT, but is nicer to use in my opinion.
  11. OpenGL GLUT or native window?

    GLUT creates native windows, but for several platforms. And there isn't really any best. GLUT gives you cross-platform and might be a bit easier to use.
  12. OpenGL GLSL not working

    The  #version 150   goes in your GLSL file, not your C/C++.
  13. Mini-Contest: ASCII Fishtank

    [quote name='capn_midnight' timestamp='1307460134' post='4820546'] [quote name='claesson92' timestamp='1307447331' post='4820476'] I'm in! If you accept a linux ncurses fishtank (shoud probably work under cygwin) [/quote] Could you please bang out a "hello world" sort of program that includes as many ncurses routine calls as you expect to use or think is a meaningful test, and send it to me or attach it to a post here on the board? I might be able to get ncurses through the Cygwin package manager, but I'm pretty sure I will need to completely build your program from scratch and I'd like to do a dry run on that before the judging time. [/quote] Here you go Try ncurses-test.c first. ncurses-test-with-refresh.c does a refresh when needed to make sure the output is shown, but this doen't seem to be needed some times. [url="http://paste.pocoo.org/show/402501/"]http://paste.pocoo.org/show/402501/[/url] [url="http://paste.pocoo.org/show/402502/"]http://paste.pocoo.org/show/402502/[/url] (with refresh) EDIT: Dont forget the -lncurses flag to gcc EDIT: [color="#FF0000"]Don't bother fixing this. I'm writing a java/lwjgl/slick-based terminal emulator thingie instead [/color]
  14. Mini-Contest: ASCII Fishtank

    I'm in! If you accept a linux ncurses fishtank (shoud probably work under cygwin)
  15. boost::property_tree acces violation

    Sorry for my eehh.. triple post. But i solved the problem. I've been searching for a cause in the docs and on the net. Noone seemed to have a similiar problem. That's probably because it wasn't really related to boost::property_tree. I didn't initialize (new) the class in which i use ptree. Another class has a private member which is a pointer to an instance of this class. An as i didn't "new" it, there were errors with uninitialized memory.
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