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  1. doomtoo

    Future of Gaming

    I do agree that using Voxels in bigger games will be awesome. Or in a minecraft like game I saw recently- they are using something more complicated- basically smoothed voxels- to have the ability to remove a voxel, but the underlying surface is smoothed relative to the pieces left, rather than just cubes. And you can't really get more accurate than making things out of "atoms". Of course, in the humble indie bundle 'Voxatron', which had relatively large voxels, was a little taxing to run because of simulating all of them. But it really shows potential for the future of games using voxels
  2. doomtoo

    Concept Art with Photoshop - Characters

    This is super awesome!!! I would have liked to have seen how the also come up with the character designs- do they use a mood boards, and general descriptions, search google images and istockphoto for references, or base it on something else? Excellent idea, and it was very enlightening to see the process of adding shading and color! I haven't done multiple colors on overlays before, but now it obviously makes sense.
  3. doomtoo

    3ds Max 2012 Review

    Looks very cool! I'll have to play around with the demo version.I hadn't even realized they released 2012 version.
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