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  1. Well any job offer site will give you a list of those :P After that just make a poll I guess :P
  2. Cobaia

    Retro Mortis: RTS (Part 4) - A New Hope?

    Was actually part of my article plan but cut from the actual article due to lack of meaningful content to add. It's a good game I haven't played in forever but this article wasn't a popularity contest and I wanted to convey more about dusty features becoming commonplace rather than niche ideas and felt Dungeon Keeper belonged in the latter category. That's not to say there's nothing meaningful to say about it, in fact, I encourage you to continue!     First of all I would like to congratulate you on a well written and comprehensive article.   I've one question to put out here. Why did you not measured or compared the fun factor in your article.   Dune II besides being the forefather of RTS and the mother to all the mechanics was also a way for people to be part of the Novel, that made a complex game fun to play.   C&C with all the cut scenes immerse you on the story and boost the fun factor.   Dungeon Keeper does the same, with the parody.   I've read the article and I was hoping to see that reference. Why there is no reference to the fun factor in this games, RTS and 4x games makes management and decision making fun, I think the new RTS are falling because they are overachieving in the competition factor, PvP and ladder systems and failing on the fun factor of playing a game that for it's genre has to be deep.
  3. What about the Hero is trapped inside Is mind due to space dementia and the puzzles is his way to fight it so he can be sane an come back to earth. I would go along those lines if it is a slow paced puzzle game. For a fast paced one would prefer the clumsy spaceship engineer who is trying to keep is job. Hope it helps!
  4. Cobaia

    Splitting into chapters

    Why don't you tie the chapters with the main story decisions, that way you can have the player building the chapters for you. Example: Main Story Decision Time, Hero selects option A. New chapters unveils.... named Option A. That way you have the player building the book for you.  Now that i think of it you may also tie it up with in game save points, so if you want to go back to that decision you just select that chapter. hummmm!
  5. Cobaia

    Suggest a name for my game(15$)

    Anonymous Group Therapy
  6. Feature: Be given the opportunity to chose. For instance, in the supermarket you can chose to pay, steal or break an item. If you can recreate this it would make it a better life sim. Jobs/Careers: You may build like a class system, where the career path would evolved based on decisions made by the player. Activities: Now days Life Simulators will benefit from freedom. Basically if anything in the game is made available for the player to interacted with the game will benefit, tie that to an experience system and you don't even have to show the character making the activity, just show a cut scene and then reward the player. I think people would like that.   Hope It was helpful.  
  7. Cobaia

    How to call this government system

    Why don't the population of said Empire thinks the Emperor is elected each time it dies but it is replaced by a clone that the population is oblivious of it. So you can keep the population thinking they are choosing/electing an Emperor but in reality a conclave or a council is just faking it by replacing their candidate with a clone of their choosing. This will create a good background story and a ton of possible plot twists.
  8. I prefer the Blog approach as a Design Log so It can be turned into a Game Concept Document. Ex: Board Game Iteration to try out game balance. Header: DATE-TIME - MECHANIC NAME - ITERATION # Body: Play Notes: What went right or wrong with this iteration; Prioritized Next Steps: A list of the wrong things and if they are worth fixing; Tasks Accomplished: If it went right  how did it affect the gameplay; Experiments: What other innovations you may squeeze out of this iteration.  And you keep bulding up other iterations or changes. My first post always is the game Concept or the main mechanic, you can break down the "blogs" for each mechanic. This way you can allways check what was done and when it was done, why it worked or not and so on. If you do this on Evernote or Google Docs you can get team members inputs on each iteration. It can sub the TODO List also.  Hope it helped.    Regards.
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