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  1. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to create paths for missiles that make random curly-q type patterns before homing in on a target?
  2. Davicus

    Gameplay Just another space shooter

    Yeah this is quite nice. I messed with the game for a minute had no idea what was going on but it looks nice, and when I get more time I'll figure out what's going on. It looks quite nice though. If you put some feelers out I bet you could get someone to create some audio content for ya pretty quickly.
  3. Davicus

    Artist looking for team/partner!

    Hi CookieLover, Our team has two programmers and one other artist and a number of musicians on smaller 2d games using the GODOT engine. I have a gamejolt page and we have started programming a proof of concept for a WWF style wrestling game. If all goes well the programming should be done in a couple months. You can message me here or email me at david1platt@zoho.com.
  4. Hi Zach, we might need a sound designer down the line. I will certainly keep you in mind for that role. Victor I'll pm you with more details about the project. We can discuss how the project will be organized.
  5. Hi, I'm a Java/Python programmer putting together a team to make some small hobbyist 2d projects to learn and get my foot in the door in the indie game community. I'm currently working with the GODOT engine and GDScript, which is similar to Python and very easy to learn. GODOT is a very flexible engine that I find to be much more effective for creating programatic solutions and working in 2D than Unity. It's also open source, so there would never be issues with licensing! I currently have two 2d artists I'm talking with about development and a bunch of rock/electronic musicians in one of the hippest music scenes in the US (Portland, OR.) who would be more than happy to help with a soundtrack. I'm building a proof of concept for a wrestling game that I think would be quite fun. If anyone is interested hit me up!
  6. I think it's also valuable to learn about the underlying mathematics, physics, and hardware issues you are trying to solve in the process of creating an engine. If you don't understand the problems then solutions available in tutorials will be meaningless.
  7. I don't know. You go try, see how it works. I program 2d stuff because I find dealing with kinematic physics distracts from actually working on the game rules and algorithms that I think actually make a good game.
  8. Here's the deal with that question. What is gonna make the work of creating a 3d game better than a 2.5d game? Most 3d beat'em up games in my opinion are just 2.5d games with 3d models. How could you take advantage of the z-axis? You've gotta figure it out. I'm not giving you more freebie ideas.
  9. You can't please everyone. You should focus on just a couple elements of the game that stands out like graphic style and one combat design elements that sets your game apart. Make that the focus of the project. Example: Make the combos epic like you can knock enemies into each other and if you build it up high enough you can take out multiple people in a 20 - 25 hit combo. If you get to the max you end up blasting enemies through destructible environment obstacles like walls, doors, and crates. good luck!
  10. Davicus

    join or create a team

    Hi Devon, I'm a programmer myself. I would be really up for starting a new 2d game project. I prefer Godot over Unity for a couple reasons. Might you be interested in looking at this engine for development?
  11. Davicus

    Pixel Artist Looking For A Small Team

    Hi, This sounds interesting I'd like to check out your project. I've worked in Unity with their scripting language and created a small game. I'm currently learning the Godot engine and have made a simple prototype for a 2d shooting game. I really like the flexibility of Godot and of course the open source license makes it really easy to distribute anything created. I would really prefer to work with this engine. What development tools are you working with? I also wrote a text based dungeon crawler in Java. You can check out my dungeon crawler at: https://gamejolt.com/games/CaveJerk-alpha Here is my github page: https://github.com/David1platt You can message me or email me at david1platt@gmail.com cheers! Dave
  12. Hi, I've got a really solid background in pro audio: music production, sound design for video/multimedia/SFX libraries, live sound, which I'm doing now part time. Over the last several years I've been contacted about jobs in audio engine programming for multimedia developers. Like many I always thought working for a game developer would be great, but I don't have the programming experience. I'm getting burnt out on the punk rock lifestyle of running live sound and want to turn my skills into something maybe a bit more practical. Anyway would anyone have some good advise as to where to begin and where to focus studies in audio programming/software development? thanks!
  13. Davicus

    Wrestling Game!!! with HELLA B.A. Wrastlers!

    Album for Wrestling Game!!! with HELLA B.A. Wrastlers!
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