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  1. Getting back into C#

    thanks for all the input guys I guess it is time for me to start practicing my craft then
  2. Getting back into C#

    ok so your guys advice is to get a good C# book and let the book explain OOP to me better then move on to xna ?
  3. Getting back into C#

    Hello everyone I would like to start programing games in XNA, I have tried learning C# in the past but have lost interest due to lack of time and frustration. But I would like to give it an other go I beleave my issue last time was not understanding OOP before trying to learn C#. So my question is dose anyone have any good sites that can explain OOP in great detail. Also I plan on doing the tutorials on C# station with that do you think I would have a good enough grasp of C# to then start with xna ?
  4. Good C# book

    Ok is this a book for beginners even starting with object oriented concepts ?
  5. Good C# book

    I took vb in school a while ago then C# but i have not done it in a while and wanted to get back into it. I was wondering what is a good C# beginners book to get ? I would like to start xna programing for fun but want to get a better knowledge of C# first.
  6. Unreal 3

    I have heard that the Unreal 3 engine will be released with UT 2007. And I was woundering if anyone has had a chance to mess with it and if they have what is the scripting lanuage like ex C#,C++.
  7. C# Question

    I have a quick Question is C# only good for XNA game programming. Because it seems like for everything else people use C++.
  8. What Program do you use

    Hey I was just woundering what program you guys and gals use to do your coding I use VS 2005.
  9. What book to get ?

    ok thank you for all your help
  10. What book to get ?

    I have a little exp with C# but I would like to learn C++ for game devlopment. I was looking in the reviews section and I saw that Beginning C++ Game Programming had a good review. But the only thing that was missing was a sequel well now it looks like there is Beginning C ++ Through Game Programming, Second Ed. So what I am wondering is witch one to get any suggestions ?
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