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  1. Hello everyone, is it ok to have one writing thread and many reading threads working on the same memory? I intend to do renderer in separate thread and I`m looking for the best way of one way thread communication, app logic --> renderer. Is there some good waz to do this?
  2. Hello everyone, recently I wanted to run one my application at school. however, when I try to run it, I get exception "that assembly does not allow partially trusted callers" at Application.Run(new Form1());. I can`t go any further(there is external code only) when debugging, so I have no idea what is the cause of this. I`ve been searching on net, but there is not much about this topic. has anyone encountered this problem? I have both VS05 and DX SDK installed at school. would running as an admin help? I`d appreciate any help, thanks.
  3. MassacrerAL

    AABB and Plane collision

    how do you store the plane?
  4. MassacrerAL

    FFT for Idiots here is very good one
  5. MassacrerAL

    [.net] thread safety and arrays

    i want to create 4 working threads and then one gui thread. worker threads will need to only write, and gui thread only read(from 4 elements in that communication array) so it seems like a good idea to do it like this. but will take a look at system.collections.generic.queue<>, thanks.
  6. hello everyone, i`m wondering, if i have for example array with 4 elements, then i have 4 worker threads and each worker thread writes to different element in that array. now, is it safe? my guess is it is, but its better to know for sure
  7. MassacrerAL

    HLSL: Modifying Texture Coordinates

    tex coords should be passed down along with vertex coordinates. which vertex format do you use?
  8. you can find some very good info about multithreading in this thread.
  9. search for HDR, or if you want something simpler then its glow post-processing effect. for light rays its called volumetric lights.
  10. MassacrerAL

    Morphing - where to begin?

    there are a few articles about morphing and vertex shader deforming in shaderX series, maybe it could help you
  11. MassacrerAL

    Crazy Camera

    if i were you i would begin with camera from scratch. this might help.
  12. MassacrerAL

    Ocean water

    yes in one shaderX book is really good article about endless ocean rendering. its in shaderX 4 chapter 7.4. get this book if you can. in the meantime read about fast furier transform(FFT).
  13. maybe if you could post your shader code? and yeah, you could use texture coordinates as a color in pixel shader to see if everything is ok.
  14. thats almost certainly problem with texture address mode. search directX SDK for AddressV and AddressU and you`ll see what i`m talking about. however it might not be so easy to fix, it depends on your algorithm.
  15. MassacrerAL

    Intersect ray with depth map

    i haven't read your whole post, but you might find some useful stuff in directX sdk parallax occlusion sample, which does the same thing.
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