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  1. Neutrinohunter

    .X Compressed Format

    Nobody have any familiarity with this? Is there a free tool which can convert said .X files into .3DS/.LWO/.MD5 or similar files then? Cheers, Jamie
  2. Hi, I've been trying to improve my .X Loader with adding more functionality but am proving at a loss on how to deal with compressed .X Files. I've a few compressed .X Files from the purchase of "Programming a FPS in DirectX" so want to give this a bash. I know the header is something like: xof 0201txt - Text File xof 0201bin - Binary File xof 0201bzip - Compressed bzip2 file My question is how do you perform the algorithm on the data is it all of it or just everything after the header? Does anyone have an example for this support? Cheers, Jamie P.S I should say that these files work fine with DX functions so I'm trying to replicate the functionality so I could export to OpenGL/SDL/libGCM etc.
  3. Neutrinohunter

    OpenGL3.0.. I mean 2.2

    I have to say the news has annoyed me somewhat and is probably going to make me move towards DX10 when I get my new workstations. Its a shame they've done this as by the time they actually get their arses in gear, DX will be far in the distance. DX has come along way since the 90's and its sad to say OpenGL really hasn't. I think a good old DX10 wrapper for OpenGL could be in the offing.
  4. Have you got an image of this? Or a video if its difficult to show. CSM shouldn't do this and the only thing I can think of is a synchronisation issue or your FPS is very very low.
  5. Neutrinohunter

    BMP Texture loading function

    Yes, any additional code will slow down an application. The question is just by how much and what are the alternatives. 1. There is nothing wrong with the code there, seems valid to load a bitmap using the glaux library. 2. By slow I presume you must be timing this somehow? Remember a drop from 400 FPS to 200 FPS is not a big difference. However 40FPS to 30FPS is! 3. There are other newer/better libraries out there such as FreeImage/DevIL which are not deprecated like the glaux library you are using.
  6. Neutrinohunter

    shadow mapping problem (color-related)

    Have you disabled your shadowing shader after your first draw? Have you still got the active texture to be a FBO or PBuffer? If your not needing texturing at the moment but a glDisable(GL_TEXTURE_2D) before your drawing code for your second pass and see it improves anything. Jamie
  7. Neutrinohunter

    OpenGL outdated?

    To answer your original question, Yes it is outdated and is lagging behind DX10. Hopefully soon the 3.0 spec will be out and it will catch up.
  8. Neutrinohunter

    Ray Tracing Shadows and Refraction

    Ray Tracing can be done either way, there are forward and backward versions which are possible. Though you have found a limitation in the technique that you are using. Look into path tracing, monte carlo ray tracing and photon tracing. Any of those techniques will improve what you have.
  9. Neutrinohunter

    Shadow mapping: quality of shadows

    As someone has rightly said you need to be looking at filtering or high resolution shadow maps or a better texturing format to use. 1) Use a bi-linear filter rather than a standard filter, if you've got a NVIDIA card then 2x2 PCF is done for free. 2) This is simple, more texels -> better result 3) I presume your using RGBA8 or equivalent for the texture format which the shadow map is stored in? Floating point formats tend to better for shadow mapping so you might want to look into them if your GC supports them. Look into Variance Shadow Mapping and Parallel Split Shadow Mapping. A quick google will list the two papers, sites and code for these shadow mapping methods. Neutrinohunter
  10. Neutrinohunter

    zpass shadow volume

    "A picture is worth a thousand words", post a screenie :)
  11. If your running a Linux/Unix system look into mesademos. It will have some smallish apps which use HW acc.
  12. Neutrinohunter

    I have a question about MATRIX4x4

    Bigger than it should be? Mmm. Post a screenshot.
  13. Neutrinohunter

    I have a question about MATRIX4x4

    It looks to me like you have shadow leakage and projection artefacts. Try a near plane of 1.0, far plane of around 150 and see if that helps. You may also need to move the light back further slightly. Though I can't tell without some more views or movement around the application.
  14. Neutrinohunter

    New image format for OpenGL. DDS alternative.

    If you can post screenshots of comparison, I'd be interested to see the results.
  15. Neutrinohunter

    Garbled textures on GeForce Go 6400

    I'm actually betting a driver problem. If you have the NVIDIA SDK that would be helpful (for checking those demos) as I had problems like these a week ago. Does it work with another demo using the same setting? (i.e mipmaps etc). Neutrinohunter
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