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  1. wood_brian

    How to start Network Programming?

    I have some examples on my website.  There's also an archive that you can download on the getting started page.  The code in the archive demonstrates sending binary messages between different programs.
  2. wood_brian

    High CPU usage in basic C++ program

      I switched from using select to poll in a couple of programs a few months ago.  The interface of poll is easier to work with.
  3. wood_brian

    Version of Visual Studio to use

    I installed the new version: Microsoft (R) C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 17.00.50727.1 How do you tell if this is a pre-release version or not?
  4. wood_brian

    Version of Visual Studio to use

    I'm thinking about using the "normal" version. I have an older version of VS11 already. Would it be good to remove the older version before downloading and installing the newer version?
  5. I'm trying to figure out what version of Visual Studio to use for updating some marshalling benchmarks. In the past I posted about a build problem while building a Boost test and someone pointed out that the version of the compiler I was using is a pre-release version -- Microsoft (R) C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 17.00.50214.1. This version sounds like a pre-release version also: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35515 I'm not sure if the VS 2012 version here http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/eng/downloads#d-express-windows-desktop is a pre-release version or not. Is there a way to tell? Tia.
  6. Facebook was heavy on PHP, but then they decided to start using C++ more. I don't have Android experience, but I've heard C++ is an option there.
  7. I would recommend using a more specific type than int in your marshalling code. The meaning of int can change between platforms. This line: ZeroMemory(&inStream, sizeof(inStream)); looks questionable. I didn't see the definition of that function, but maybe you don't need to call that function. If you are interested in switching to binary serialization, I could be of more help.
  8. wood_brian


    The C++ Middleware Writer serializes objects so they can be sent across a network. There are links to examples on the home page.
  9. wood_brian

    C++ compile times

    I believe they've decided on the first option in terms of supporting legacy compilation. The legacy issue is difficult, but not sure there's a better way. There could be an option in the compiler if you're working on a newer project to provide the faster build times.
  10. wood_brian

    dynamic array through sockets

    All the serialization libraries I know of eliminate padding that compilers have added. They also allow marshalling of single bytes. They may not support bit level access though. I'm not aware of a library that supports that.
  11. wood_brian

    C++ compile times

    I'm not sure why you say that. There's work to add support for modules to C++
  12. wood_brian

    dynamic array through sockets

    There are a lot of good libraries in Boost. The serialization library in Boost has some weaknesses though. btw currently i'm using a static array to send the players data from server to clients: struct data { Player array[50]; } But this will send an array with 50 elements even if less people are logged in the game. That's why i want to try and put a dynamic array, but i read that serialization greatly increases the size of the struct so at the end is it worth it ? [/quote] Where did you read that?
  13. wood_brian

    dynamic array through sockets

    Yes, use a serialization library .
  14. wood_brian

    dynamic array through sockets

    Depending on how Player is defined that may not work. It would probably be better to use a marshalling/serialization library.
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