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    [java] java morpg

    Write your server in C++ if you have any concerns about it's capabilities. I've worked on one with a group of people and after a few months it was canceled. Everything was originally written in Java, but I had ported the tools to C++ and started to port the server to it also.
  2. spikes of christ

    FPShooter Questions

    Quote:Original post by Captain P Why make a special case for the intersecting area's? Why not just detect which area is hit first, and use that modifier? As for modding Quake 2, it's a pretty old game nowadays. Is there a particular reason why you've chosen Quake 2? :) EDIT: I forgot to say it in my previous post, but it sounds like a fun idea, a ninja-like FPS with sticky figures. Good luck. :) Yeah, that is a better way to do it, I didn't think of that :p My reason for using the Quake 2 engine is because I don't feel like paying for the Quake 3 Arena game just to rip the data files temporarily - not to mention if I ever get anywhere with the game I don't want to spend 10+ times the price on a license. Also it's the only engine I am familiar with. And the Quake 3 engine has so much extra crap that I don't want to have to go removing, I'd rather just update the dynamic lighting and particle system in Quake 2. I also have to see how the lower poly models will look in Quake 2, I might have to rip the .md3 loader from Quake 3 to get more up-to-date looking models.
  3. spikes of christ

    FPShooter Questions

    Quote:Original post by Captain P As for having a zero damage modifyer area, why? Unless you're working with technical limitations that require this, I see no reason to do so. There should be better ways to prevent a game from crashing than this seemingly random solution. Well, I am not 100% sure if it will actually crash, but it would do that or else have 0 damage done. I agree x 1 is pretty low, since let's say a glock only does 3 damage x 1 = 3. 3 Damage for a shot right below the head would be pretty rough... I guess I should set it up to like x20+, the chance of hitting one of the intersecting spots is pretty slim anyway. I have also figured out another bug that is driving me off the walls. When I use the Quake 2 models with the location system I am working on; if you get shot while crouching the damage is setting to 0 or nulling or something - I have yet to figure out why, I am wondering if the vectors aren't resizing to a crouched figure (since the limbs and stuff are less visible).
  4. Better items, restricted areas, able to cary more items, more NPC interaction
  5. spikes of christ

    FPShooter Questions

    Haha yeah, I guess I'm going to jam it full of gore so it becomes enjoyable. Anyway here's another possiblilty for a model with another model held: (No need to tell me, I know the hand placement needs work, however I am not sure how to extend one arm forward more without stretching it... do I make the gun smaller?) Edit: Obviously not on the urgency part of the list since it requires a ton of extra work, but how about the following ideas to add to the stick-spirit: - Free running type of play where players can jump and do flips, run up to walls and kick off - doing a back flip, hang onto edges, shimmy on edges and roll on the floor. - Whacky death animations, like if you get shot point-blank with a shotgun you fly backwards with your arms in the air and smack onto the floor/wall and leave a blood mark as you slide down the wall (at what point will this be putting too much strain on Quake II's engine though?) I guess what I'm getting at is a Gunz type of Stick Figure game with a terrible amount of gore (instead of using a gore system I'm going to animate the potential outtakes of gore, because it's easier then fiddling with the particle system). [Edited by - spikes of christ on October 17, 2007 10:01:47 PM]
  6. spikes of christ

    FPShooter Questions

    Well, I remember a few months back in the Image Gallery somebody had posted a multiplayer stick figure first person shooter with a halo touch to it. I really liked the idea of a stick shooter game, and since I had been working on a Quake II based FPS for some time now I decided to save some time and money by just using 3D Stick Figures; which catch my eye for some reason. Here is what I was thinking of for the characters (untextured): Weapon everybody is born with (untextured): Now my questions are: - Would breaking down the models into vectors the way I have it set up be good? (note, the full head will be the head vector, the throat, etc... are all filling the models 100%, and where they interesect - although almost impossible to hit - will revert to null damage which is the set amount of damage for the weapon you're holding.) I noticed even the more advanced FPSs like Counter-Strike break it down this way and have the "null" spots... except those spots call for 0 damage. - Would a stick figure game with realistic weapons, maps, and gameplay be good enough to grasp a crowd of players? - Would YOU play a game that had stick figures for the characters if the rest of the gameplay was almost like Counter-Strike? I've also been thinking of recoding my already recoded gore system, so when a player gets hit in the head another animation actually appears that shows the head misting, and when the player dies it shows a slow motion view of the bullet being fired out of the gun, rotates the camera to behind the bullet, and then shows the bullet hitting the player's head and having the head splatter (obviously will require alot more vectors to break down where the bullet is hitting precisely) and then have the body slowly drop to the floor. ^ The question at this point, is will that be overdoing the game? At what point does the gore become too realistic?
  7. spikes of christ


    Now before any flaming or anything like that comes up: - I no longer play RuneScape (after like 5 years of playing) - I was a developer of one of the original RS emulation servers (now its outdated, but it was used for over a year) What is it with RuneScape that is so addictive? Both versions of the game are like crack, and it seems like you need it to function. I even took it as far as spending weeks on end working on a server with a few other guys.
  8. spikes of christ

    making a game

    Quote:Original post by dashurc The problem is, 99.9% of the people on this board are 12 year olds with no programming experience (or any experience for that matter) who want to make an MMORPG that rivals WoW. No one who actually knows what they're doing is willing to sign up for that. I lol'ed cause it's so true. I have thought about making my own games, but never from scratch. I start working on open source projects that crashed or I use ID Software's games, but I always get enthusiastic about it and then give up when it comes to having people help model or map.
  9. spikes of christ

    Best 3d format for models

    Quote:Original post by ViperG I've heard people enjoy working with md2, but that's from a small group of programmers, but i would wait for more experienced people to reply besides my own. I'd prefer md3 over md2...
  10. spikes of christ

    [java] How to start?

    Quote:Original post by Meraxupypr The better way is to join some project. I have to disagree. Well, to an extent it is better to join someone else's project if it's a simple game such as pacman were you can atlest learn the basics. But don't go joining a project to make a RPG or something along those lines because you will find out you are biting off more then you can chew.
  11. Well since I have no plans of going at a MMORPG any time soon (or really, any time at all) I will add my advice. - Location Damage, if you are his height hit him in the head to do more damage. If you are shorter, go grab a rock. The eyes, a very vulnerable spot that requires you to get in close (but if you do, perhaps reduce the monster's speed or blocking greatly). - Bring in the "Gunz" effect, hell.. if a dragon was tryna kill me I know for sure I'd dive out of the way! - Items weigh you down and reduce speed and all offensive/defensive moves. - Why not have fatigue while fighting?
  12. spikes of christ

    MMO development estimate

    Quote:Original post by eedok it could be done in flex, silverlight, flash, or even ajax and people wouldn't care as long as it runs in their browser. Might be better to target flash over java as it has more of an installed base on the browser. I'm not familiar with flash, but would a MMORPG be possible in it?
  13. spikes of christ

    MMO development estimate

    Quote:Original post by eedok I'm going to argue that programming language is the least important, targeting an audience is important but the language used to target them will make no difference, end users won't care if their client is written in D using Scheme scripting communicating with an Erlang server, that uses SQL for database operations My counter argument comes as the fact that most people started playing runescape because it runs on any operating system and requires nothing other then JRE. This attracks people who don't like to download things as well as people (I know this is 2007, but still..) who have slower then average internet; you could download a womping 500+ mb game and have to download 100+mb each patch or you can download a 10/ish mb temporary cache ocassionaly. I honestly guess it's all opinion, but don't forget theirs alot less work involved in the art department on a Java game... oh wait nevermind, I wasn't thinking about .NET...
  14. spikes of christ

    MMO development estimate

    Well, not for anything; developing a game like WoW is unrealistic... look at the background of that company - they made a few other MMORPGs in the past, have been running a sucessful company for over 12 years, and have a pretty penny to spend on development. What I'm trying to say is they understand what needs to be done to make a great MMO, have professionals, and of course have the money to back it all. Needless to say, hiring a professional development team to make the game from scratch would be ridiculous; look at the source engine by Valve, it took them like 6+ years to do a re-write (by the way, as in re-write I mean it was still based off 1.6, which in turn was based off Half-Life, which was based off Quake 1 & 2). You'd stand more a chance of developing a game using a engine that you can get a license from... such as ID Software's Quake 3 - (for $250,000) and then reconstruct large portions of it. Anyway, back to reality. Competiting with WoW from a garage company will not ever work, the chances of that are probably the same as a meteor falling through the roof, going through your PC tower, and then bouncing onto your lap. You would need lower goals, try to compete with games like Diablo 2 and then move onto bigger and better games. Oh ya, I almost forgot. The most important part of it all (in my opinion) is what language the game is to be written in. If the game is written in a platform dependent language (C++, C, C#, etc..) then the game needs to be worthy of being installed. But if the game is written in a universal platform language (Java) the game can be lacking of graphics, quality sound, a good particle system, etc.. An example is comparing many downloadable MMORPGS to RuneScape. I'd honestly rather see a new Java MMORPG pop up soon, so Jagex has some competition (this is slightly more realistic then competiting with WoW)
  15. spikes of christ

    Tearing Down the MMO Boundaries

    Repopulation wouldn't work if the animals were killed off... and as far as unique quests, you would need a team of programmers constantly making new quests... I mean like 20 quests made a day; which doesn't seem possible.
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