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  1. Good news! We are now in the position to port more games to Windows Phone and/or Windows 8. If you have a game (no matter how big or small or what language) that you would like to see on these platforms please contact us! This service comes at no cost to you and you will offer you 50% of all revenue made on these platforms. If interested, please shoot us a mail at [email="zynposoft@gmail.com"]zynposoft@gmail.com[/email] for further terms and details. In the meantime, please check out some of our existing titles here: [url="http://www.zynpo.com"]http://www.zynpo.com[/url] Thank you, --Mike
  2. Wordhaste is a new, addictive word game that is played live against other players on the Internet. Players use letter tiles to form words horizontally and vertically across the board (much like in Scrabble). Whoever scores the most points in a given round (which lasts 2.5 minutes) wins the game. Each round, the letters generated will be different. However, each player works off the exact same set of tiles as the other players during a given round. After the round is completed, you can review the words you found and see the leaderboard to find out how your score compared to others. Wordhaste is free and can be [url="http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/35cca5d3-5ecc-4d61-a60a-40ea000a4697"]downloaded here[/url] for Windows Phone 7. You can also play it online through your web browser via this direct link: [url="http://www.zynpo.com/wordhaste.html"]http://www.zynpo.com/wordhaste.html[/url] [img]http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8296/7846899568_173ecdce53.jpg[/img] [img]http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8298/7846899354_53c75b04a6.jpg[/img] [img]http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7265/7846899460_4074cf2a18.jpg[/img]
  3. Graphics for (MMO) RPG for Sale

    What is your contact/email? I am interested! Thanks, --Mike [size=2][url="http://www.zynpo.com"]http://www.zynpo.com[/url][/size]
  4. Canvace Development Kit

    Is is possible for the map you make to be exported so it can be loaded using my own game engine/framework? I like your map editor! --Mike [size=3][url="http://www.zynpo.com"]http://www.zynpo.com[/url] [/size]
  5. My company Zynpo.com is now taking submissions for application ports to the [url="http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/marketplace"]Windows Phone marketplace[/url]. The cost to you is[u] zero [/u]and our terms our simple (share of ad-based revenue). We have a team of advanced Silverlight developers who are available to start porting your game today. We prefer games written using .NET (C#/VB) but will consider C/C++ games as well. If you are interested, for more details, please send a mail to: [email="zynposoft@gmail.com"]zynposoft@gmail.com[/email] Include: 1. Screenshot(s) of your game. 2. Links to game page if available. 3. Full description including framework and language used to make the game. View our existing Windows Phone apps: [url="http://www.zynpo.com"]http://www.zynpo.com[/url] Thank you, --Mike
  6. Wow, this is an awesome tutorial. Thanks a million.
  7. Hi, I am looking for people's opinions on what tool/editor is best suited for created high quality 2D RPG style maps. Something that can seam together transparent images, create smooth transitions between tiles like grass, dirt, sand, create roads. The idea would be to "paint" the terrain and save it out as one big image that my game would load and populate with objects that move around. Thanks in advanced.
  8. Zynpo.com

    I have started a new game development company that you can find at [url="http://www.zynpo.com"]http://www.zynpo.com[/url]. We build Windows 7 mobile and web games and apps. If you do not have a Windows Phone you can check out some of our games online like [url="http://www.wordhaste.com"]http://www.wordhaste.com[/url]. You can also get a preview of games under development such as Tsunami Realms: [url="http://www.tsunamirealms.com"]http://www.tsunamirealms.com[/url]. We would love your feedback! We need 2D game artists as well so please contact me if you can help out. [email="zynposoft@gmail.com"]zynposoft@gmail.com[/email]
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