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  1. MarkS

    Weird fears?

    Once the idea turns into something tangible, it can be.
  2. That's WAY to little time! That needs to be increased to an hour or so.
  3. I'm sure there will be problems, but well done and great job! Finally a mobile version of the site that actually works!
  4. MarkS

    Where is this Hot Teacher Trend coming from?

    This. About 10-15 years ago, there was a sudden uptick in kidnappings in the U.S. It was frightening. Every day there was a news report of some child, always white*, having been abducted. People were terrified. After about six months of this, one single report focused on an African American mother who was quoted as saying, (paraphrasing)"My child was abducted and not a single news outlet covered it." Shortly after, a smart reporter bothered to look at the compiled FBI child abduction statistics for that time period and found - wait for it - no increase in abductions over the prior years! The only thing that increased were the media reports on abductions. Parents were tailing their children's school buses during this time; people were panicked. The media has broad power in this day and age. Irresponsible reporting can cause mass panic, even and especially when the reports are pure hype. * This was rather bizarre, but all the media reports were about the abductions of white children. This was never explained, nor was the sudden increase in reporting.
  5. Don't ignore those of us who cannot pay for various reasons, but will gladly suffer through the irritation of ads to support the site.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I would as well and have been doing quite a bit of research, which led me to ask this question. One main issue that I have is that the tutorials for the layout editor in Android Studio all seem to be a year or more old, but the editor has changed significantly in that time so that they are no longer 100% accurate. Coupled with the Android development documentation switching between the layout editor and XML editor for UI tasks and my head is spinning. I don't know where to start. This is one of the most frustrating system to develop for that I have experienced to date.
  7. I'm really not very happy with many of the responses I've seen there. It seems to be overly moderated with zero tolerance for new questions and vague rules. Most replies seem rude and dismissive, with the vast majority telling the OP to use Google. I've avoided joining this far and see very little reason to change now. I'm hoping for something along the lines and design of this board. [edit] I don't want to come across as dismissive, nor do I want to seem like I'm coming here to trash another site, but I want it clear why I'm not taking that advice. Stackoverflow comes up as the #1 search result for nearly any technical search I've done on Google. In addition to what I've already posted, too many times I've see a moderator close a thread with, "This topic is a duplicate of (link). Closed." When I follow the link, I inevitably find a thread several years old, not 100% on topic and usually unanswered. How does that benefit anyone? You've shut down any attempt from that point out for the OP to get his/her question answered on that site. I get a very unfriendly vibe there.
  8. Does anyone know of one? I have a project in the works, but am having serious issues with the tutorials found via Google as well as Android Studio's layout editor. I don't want to SPAM this board with non-game dev beginner questions if at all possible.
  9. I may need to dial it back. I'm WAY out of my league. Still, it has given me some direction, so thank you!
  10. I have some friends that are blind. They are really big into gaming and obviously struggle. I was telling them about an old Mac game that I have been wanting to remake, Scarab of Ra, and they love the sound of the game. The thing holding me back are the graphics. After talking to them, it hit me. The game doesn't need graphics! It would be trivial to turn it into a text adventure game. The issue is that the game and levels are dynamically created, so none of the text adventure makers will work here. All text adventure game creators are designed to present a written story and none allow for dynamic stories. My idea is to have the game run as normal on the back end, but have a text based interface integrated with Window's accessibility API and 3rd party screen readers so that it can be played by people with visual impairments. The issue here is with the command parser. This is non-trivial, especially if you need more than a simple "Move north" command structure. I am having a really hard time finding much about this online as most results take me to computer language parsers. I would like to use a library, if one exists, rather than reinventing the wheel, but I am not even sure of the search terms to use. Any help would be appreciated!
  11. MarkS

    Weird fears?

    Feet. I don't know exactly why, but I get this feeling between disgust and revulsion. I see people touching feet, massaging feet, families playing barefoot with feet all over each other and the anxiety that wells up inside me is palpable.
  12. This question has been answered already. ALL files are "binary", however, some bytes have special meaning to certain applications. A text editor, by design, converts all bytes to their ASCII equivalent. If you write an ASCII string to a file, no matter if that file is text or binary, and open it in a text editor, your string will be displayed as text. There is no way around this. If you write a string, the string will be displayable in a text editor, so long as you are not obfuscating it in some fashion. From the perspective of the file I/O API (standard library, in your case), the only difference between a text file and binary file is how it writes and reads non-string data, i.e., integers, floats, etc.
  13. A parser of some sort will be necessary for text input. It could be very simple or very complicated, depending on his needs. He wasn't all that clear on how he is planning user input, but I've seen text adventure games with 1-2 word command strings ("turn left") to the more complicated and grammatically correct command sentence I posted above. My intent was to get him to think about the level of complexity he requires and to consider his options. Parsers can be very non-trivial.
  14. My personal opinion is to use TADS or another text adventure creator. This is not a simple problem, depending on the complexity of the grammar you want to allow for in your language parser. This can be far more complex than parsing the individual words and acting on them. If you are looking for simple, one word commands, then definitely write your own. If you want something more complex, like "Place the key under the rug," then expect to spend quite a bit of time writing a grammatical parser.
  15. A few years back, the reputation system was changed and most reps got set back to 100. Instead of worrying about how we'll look at you now, start helping and it will increase. The only time you should worry is if it drops below 100. If it drops into negative numbers, well, good luck.
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