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  1. Stereo


    Quote:Original post by Tom Sloper But you have to be in the country where the company is, with the proper working status, before any company will offer you an internship. They don't want to have to do your legal paperwork to bring you into the country. Not for an intern. I beg to differ. Especially when it comes to working in the US, you need a company to act as a sponsor before you can even apply for a visa. And there are certainly companies willing to do that. Greetings from the Bay Area, where I'm currently doing an internship.
  2. Stereo

    Healthcare bill

    Quote:Original post by LessBread Prior to this bill states did regulate health care. The results were spotty. Interesting. I didn't know that. Thanks for the info! Quote:Original post by LessBread ... legislature passed single payer twice in the last few years only to have both bills vetoed by Gov. Schwarzenegger. Terminated!!! [grin] As an Austrian I deeply apologize for Schwarzenegger. [smile] I have no idea why he'd veto these bills since he grew up in a strictly public health care system (with private insurance only for additional medical services a.k.a. "Zusatzkrankenversicherung"), which works pretty well as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Stereo

    Healthcare bill

    Can anyone explain to me why no single state has ever attempted to introduce a public option or to provide public health care in another form for its residents? Is it because this needs to be addressed on a federal level and states couldn't change the law even if their government wanted to? Just speculating here, but if this was the case, why hasn't any previous federal government simply allowed the states to regulate health care? Say, the state of California provided public health care for its citizens and it worked out great, covering the poor who couldn't afford health insurrance and lowering private health care costs due to more competition. These would have been incentives for other states to introduce similar public programs et voilà: public health care. Any insights to this?
  4. Stereo

    Backpacking in Europe

    Quote:Original post by Scint So since nockerl uses common ingredients, I tried baking some: Unfortunately, it got deflated... I didn't use a casserole dish, as the recipe suggested, because I don't have one. Perhaps I should have used a pie pan. Despite this, it still tasted pretty good. Not bad for a first attempt! Here's the recipe I use when making Salzburger Nockerl. I found it in a book written by an Austrian physicist in that he explains (among other things) why butter will leave you with deflated Nockerls. cranberry jam (or strawberry jam, apricot jam) 5 large egg whites 40g sugar 3 large egg yolks 20g flour grated lemon peel (optional, can also use lemon juice) 1. Cover the surface of the casserole dish with jam and put it into the oven at 100°C (no butter!) 2. Mix egg whites with sugar and beat with a mixer until thoroughly stiff. 3. Gently fold the yolks, the flour, and the grated lemon peel into the whites. 4. Put the dough into the warm dish and bake at 190°C for 5 minutes, followed by 15 minutes at 160°C. Back on topic: Wherever your trip will take you, make sure not to miss Rome! In my humble opinion it's the most beautiful city in Europe during the summer. Even a week wouldn't suffice to visit all sights - the Roman buildings, the Christian cathedrals, etc. Summer 2006 was the last time I was in Rome and I'm really looking forward to my next stay.
  5. Stereo

    Backpacking in Europe

    Salzburger Nockerl are easy if you've got a good recipe, a good oven, and a watch ... timing is very important. Schweinsbraten mit Blaukraut is in a different league ... well, it's a different game!
  6. Stereo

    Backpacking in Europe

    Quote:Original post by mikesc - Munich ;) Seconded. Your time in Munich would be spent best seeing the English Garden, the Eisbach, the Viktualienmarkt and the shopping mile around the Marienplatz (central square). And don't forget the Deutsches Museum while you're here. :-) Also, should you decide to come to Munich, why not pay a visit to the European capital of culture 2009: Linz? The annual Linz Klangwolke in September is something you shouldn't miss. (Note: The weather in early September typically sucks in Austria.)
  7. Pixel Toaster might be what you're looking for. Note: I used PBOs to present the rendered image of my real-time raytracer to the screen and didn't have any problems on OS X and on Ubuntu Linux. So maybe you should just give this approach another try.
  8. SetWindowsHookEx which the OP is most likely using (for a low-level keyboard hook) is a lovely exception to this rule. You gotta love inconsistent API designs ...
  9. Do you want to do it without globals? Here's an article about that: Thunking in Win32: Simplifying callbacks to non-static member functions
  10. Stereo

    Student requiring feedback for major project

    1. Age: d) 20 to 25 years old 2. Gender: Male 3. Country of origin: Austria 4. Favorite Game Genre: b) First Person Shooter 5. Do you prefer a story that is: a) Linear? 6. Do you prefer dialog that is: a) Recorded, Voiced? 7. What gender do you prefer the protagonist to be? b) Female 8. Which of these would have the most influence on your decision to purchase a game? b) Gameplay 9. How long is your ideal game? a) Short and sweet 10. A happy ending or a sad one? a) Happy 11. Would you be interested in a game commentating on the environmental crisis? a) Yes 12. Would you rather a game with moral choice or a game with moral meaning? b) Meaning 13. Would you play a game if it was used as a learning tool? a) Yes 14. Do you prefer games that are: b) Depart from reality
  11. Stereo


    I like XMLParser. 1 header, 1 source file, easy to use and fast.
  12. Quote:Original post by Toolmaker I'm expecting Valve to wait till AFTER the christmas days and then respond. By either undoing the change or adapting prices to the current dollar-euro price. Which is exactly why I won't buy from them again until they give me a serious price advantage (> 10%) over retail stores around here. You don't mess with me, Gabe!
  13. Here's a snippet from an old program of mine that allows you to detect whether an instance of your app is already running or not. Basically, it creates a named mutex, which is a system-wide synchronization primitive, and then acquires exclusive ownership of it. When a second instance of your application performs the same steps, its attempt to acquire ownership of the mutex will fail. That allows you to detect that the app is already running. Instead of "MyFabulousApp" you could, for example, use the full name of the executing assembly. using System.Threading; public static void Main(string[] args) { Mutex mtx = new Mutex(false, "MyFabulousApp"); try { if (!mtx.WaitOne(0, false)) { MessageBox.Show(null, "An instance of MyFabulousApp is already running ...", "Aborting", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Stop, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1, MessageBoxOptions.ServiceNotification); return; } } finally { mtx.Close(); } } As for notifying the other instance to pop up: Maybe you can think of away to make its window handle available. You could then send a window message to restore the window.
  14. Downloading right now. I've been waiting for days to give WARP10 and 10-on-9 a shot after seeing it in a Microsoft PDC presentation. That should finally allow me to use Direct3D 10 in my projects (no, I don't own a D3D10-capable graphics card). I hope there's documentation, too, about how to program one's very own software device. I used to spend a lot of my time working on a software rasterizer named Muli3D and have been thinking about reviving it lately.
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