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  1. djnevs

    [Discussion] RPG vs MMORPG

    Hmm good point.. Actually not a bad idea. But, what if. everything end at a point.. The programmers / desingers / thinkers are out of idea's? Or, everything that has to be done, is done already. What would happen to the game next month? Time would just freeze, and people will stop playing because there is nothing left to play for.
  2. djnevs

    [.net] Window focus bug?

    Hmm, i got the msdn infront of me atm. But i still dont realy get it. Could yout give me a quick example how to use it?
  3. I kinda have a problem with my game engiene. When the window is unfocused or anything, the camera still moves when i move my mouse.. Or drag the window it moves aswell, Kinda annoying... Anyone knows fow to fix this? Regards Sven.
  4. Hello.. I was just thinking about story's in Offlien RPG, and MMORPG's.. Not a story in perticular, but well.. My thoughts: An RPG needs a full storyline, with a beginning a plot and a ending to finish the game, But what about MMO's. Let me explain; Cause of players logging in on mmo's everyday, I'd say there doesnt need to be a full story. cause it never will come to an end. If there would be a end in a mmo, players stop playing a mmo when they have finished the game, thats not supposed to happen right? It would need some sorta open ending.. Like, killing a Boss Monster wouldnt end the game or anything. Well, whats your opinion on this? Regards, Sven
  5. djnevs

    Background Music

    Thanks, I have downloaded a sample ogg file, And tested it on FMOD Ex.. works perfectly :) Thanks to you all :-)
  6. djnevs

    Background Music

    Question here: Do i need a 'licence' to use my OWN music in MP3 format in my games? O.o;; If so, I'd rather switch to ogg.. ><
  7. djnevs

    Background Music

    I got the FMOD ex working :-) Thanks =D
  8. djnevs

    Background Music

    @theMadHatter: directsound cant play mp3.. @theMadHatter: Well, my game would be free2play, but mayb later something like fasion item you need to pay for (mmorpg) I'll give it a try :)
  9. What is the best/fastest way of loading and playing(repeating) a background music in Directx ? I have tryed directsound; Has limitation for filetypes.. (only wav? no mp3) AudioVideoPlayback (mp3, no repeat?) DirectShow (havn't found out how to get this working/ Help?) Or any other suggestions with little example?
  10. I am installing VS2008 right now :-) Dont know if i'll use it for programming though.. while it's still in beta. If it works properly, i'd wait until final release :-) Installing takes looooonnnnggggg here ><
  11. djnevs

    DirectSound Error

    lol, You'r right, FormHandle was indeed null.. I have set the parameter in the form.. cGlobal.FormHandle = this; Should have known.. :) Thanks for your reply :)
  12. Could anyone help me with this problem? btw: the cGlobal.FormHandle is this: public static System.Windows.Forms.Form FormHandle;
  13. djnevs

    Lightning, Shades

    Nothing changesd really..
  14. djnevs

    Lightning, Shades

    I'm sorry, didnt ment to be impolite... hmm, normalize a vector? I'll give that a try..
  15. djnevs

    Lightning, Shades

    That uses the D3D crap, wich i dont have. and dont want to use.. I just use plain directx... anyone else knows a solution for my problem?
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