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    Releasing software with dlls

    Those includes will create dependencies on any number of DLLs. In the case of Microsoft Visual Studio there is a Redistributable that can be obtained that will install the necessary DLLs on someone's system. So for Visual Studio 2008 you will want to search for the 2008 redistributable installer. 32-bit and 64-bit will also have different installers.
  2. Running_Wolf

    Error in building C++ program in VStudio

    Google is your friend. C2471 Error
  3. Running_Wolf

    directinput questions

    Looks like you are using DirectInput. From your description of the problem you are using Immediate Mode. DirectInput also has a Buffered Mode of input where you receive one key each time you ask for it. My suggestion would be to pull the first key pressed then set a variable marking who's turn it is and then go through the game loop again. It would then detect that it is the computer's turn and you can ignore input. At the end of the computers turn set the variable back to say it is the player's turn and repeat.
  4. Running_Wolf

    3d Beginning

    This helped me get started. Have fun!
  5. Running_Wolf

    wxWidgets or C#

    Okay, forward then with wxWidgets and see where it goes. Thanks for your opinions and advice.
  6. Running_Wolf

    wxWidgets or C#

    The game is indeed in C++ and the editor and other tools would be tightly integrated into it. While currently I would be the only one using it, eventually I would like to release it for use by others.
  7. Running_Wolf

    wxWidgets or C#

    In creating tools such as an editor, I am stuck on whether I should use wxWidgets or C# and so are asking for some opinions. wxWidgets is in C++ like the rest of the game but can be hard to setup and maintain, etc. C# can easily create GUIs but in order for it to access parts of the game that the interfaces would need I would have to write some bridging libraries. Which one do you think? Thank you for your time and answers.
  8. There are often creates multiple versions of the same DLL. For example, you may have msvcr71.dll in your project directory but the project will not run saying it cannot find/load it. One thing you may try checking is what version of the DLLs your program needs. Then you can include the manifest files for those DLLs which will allow your program to determine that the DLL in the folder is the correct version.
  9. Running_Wolf

    no one can run my application!! help

    Sounds a lot like the error I would receive before the proper Redistributable package was installed. See if VS2008 has such a redistributable runtime that they must install. This will be separate from the .Net installation.
  10. Running_Wolf

    Class problems

    In the CPP file, the compiler doesn't know that it is part of manage_image.h, just that you include it. The addImage method should go: int manage_image::addImage. The manage_image:: tells the compiler that addImage is part of the included manage_image class.
  11. Running_Wolf

    New Laptop On The Way!

    I think you will thoroughly enjoy it. I know I love my Vostro 1700. Pretty much same as yours but the 17" screen. Great for bus ride home programming and gaming.
  12. Running_Wolf

    About the development tools

    1. I personally have not seen Rocket Commander. I will have to look it up to find out about the .cd file you are referring to. Though from the screenshots it looks like a fun, simple game. 2. I don't know of addins for Visual Studio, but I use a Unit Testing framework called UnitTest++. It can be found on sourceforge. For me, it has been the simplest to setup and use for C++. 3. Have you coded anything before? Depending on your current skill level you may want to first try to do something similar to it in 2D in order to wrap your head around what goes into creating a small game. Then find a 3D renderer that you like, Direct3D or a prebuilt package such as Crystal Space or Ogre 3D; And feature by feature, translate the C# code into C++.
  13. Running_Wolf

    MYST Online?

    It can. There already is one. Go to GameTap. Cyan Worlds has Uru, a game in the Myst universe hosted there. It is an online MMO style solve the puzzle society.
  14. Running_Wolf

    Which memory should I choose?

    I've had the Small Business Side of the 1720, known as the Vostro 1700, for a few days now. I absolutely love it. There isn't really much of a reason to go for the 4GB IMO unless you intend for it to be a complete desktop replacement. And only then if you intend on doing extremely intensive applications such as 3D Rendering using a professional modeling/rendering package. Might I also suggest you look into the Vostro series as they can have up to a 8600M GT GeForce card, and not just the Intel Integrated or ATI 1100 Express. Also, and this may also apply to the Inspiron series these days, during the ordering process I was able to request no third party software be installed. So I received my laptop with only Windows and the Dell Drivers installed.
  15. Check the Library Directories section of Visual Studio's Settings. Is the Platform SDK mentioned there? It may have gotten installed but not associated with Visual Studio.
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