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  1. Ok, thanks for the info guys. Not going to jump into the deep end with this venture. Maybe some time in the future, but I can't afford to have a flimsy backend for this website. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys - so I've hosted a few websites before with simple hosts where CPanel and an FTP client were all I needed. Now I'm looking to launch something a bit bigger, and am thinking about getting a dedicated server to do so. However, I'm a little intimidated by the thought of having to set everything up myself (Apache, Firewall, PHP, MySQL, etc.) on an operating system I've never touched: Linux. I want to learn, but I also want to launch this website in a reasonable amount of time without too much ongoing hassle. I also am scared I won't be able to secure it correctly (e-commerce on the website), as I'm so new to it all. So my question is this: is it worth it? My priority is speed and security, not necessarily low-level control. Thanks for any help!
  3. Exceptional - very well done. This is one of those things I bookmark and listen to every day until I just can't listen to it anymore. Hope all the best to your career
  4. I just finished my tetris clone - selling for $40.00. No but in all seriousness, I understand your sentiment but we're all too lazy to form a pact. I can't even find the commitment level to clean my dishes on a regular basis.
  5. I'm running a beta of a service with Azure and ASP.NET MVC. I like the staging/production deployment. Allows you to quickly set up an instance of a site upgrade, test it, and with the click of a button swap it to production. I also like .Net development tools. I dislike the deployment time. Sometimes it takes up to 10 minutes. And as for all i know, Google AppEngine doesn't support .Net languages. I'd recommend it though - I've enjoyed it.
  6. Sent this to my friend, who is a Spanish major, and he absolutely loved it.
  7. In the same vein as the other thread - getting solar energy on the moon - what about getting renewable energy from the same principles that form lightning? If there is this charge differential in the atmosphere at all times, can't we theoretically tap into it? I'm imagining a very tall tower from the ground to an upper level of the atmosphere, that exaggerates conditions the way a storm might (there is no scientific consensus on how this is done yet), and triggers a controlled lightning strike every x amount of seconds, contained within the tubular tower. Storing this energy is another feat altogether, but with new materials like Graphene maybe this will one day be possible. Let's make the giant assumption we can some day be able to do all these things - the end result would be pretty cool. You could build these anywhere, with a relatively small footprint (smaller than fields of solar cells at least). Is this at all feasible, or am I missing something big here?
  8. I know I could Google this all day, but I wanted to get some opinions from you all. I have an idea for a web business start-up. However, I'm not a start-up junky or a web programmer. Most of my experience is in the C's... and a little javascript. I want to do this all myself (no hired hands). The website itself needs a way to keep track of memberships and will be centered around a web-based designer that allows you to drop photos and text into an area. What kind of languages should I be looking at to get started (considering the needs above)? Should I go with a CMS? What are the most modern (useful) web languages these days? Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. [quote name='frob' timestamp='1305870344' post='4813347'] [quote name='way2lazy2care' timestamp='1305869344' post='4813342'] If it is just making houses than it is literally just like a tale in the desert except not in a desert. [/quote] Just "A tale" then? [/quote]
  10. Everyone goes through a slump in their early 20's - its the time when you start getting scared about "getting your life together" and you contrast what is happening with what you expected to happen. It gets better. And there is sooooo much cool stuff to learn about and do in life. If programming PCs isn't enough for you, look into biotechnology. An endless frontier of innovation with possibly the most interesting outcomes of any other field.
  11. I would absolutely live in a robot (me being my brain)! I would love an endless timeline to research, advance, build and create - it opens up vast possibilities in art, technology, exploration, etc.
  12. [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1304651547' post='4807223'] Copying yourself into a computer, and then shooting yourself is pretty much the same as having kids (and giving them to foster parents) and then shooting yourself. In both cases, you still die. A new organism lives on in your place. There's no connection between you and the copy. [/quote] That's just not true - anything that carried all your experiences and memories would fully recognize itself as you. Sure it would be disorienting if it now had a robot body to adapt to, but it would still have inherent signatures like parents calling it a certain name, ex-girlfriends, education, loss, success, in all forms "identity". Identity in this sense is not a singular term. It is a collection of memories that may or may not be unique. Therefore if two "anythings" had the same collection of memories, and operated on them the same, they would literally be the same "person" - certainly giving "person" a modified definition as well.
  13. [quote name='owl' timestamp='1301557592' post='4792494'] [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1301556009' post='4792487'] [quote name='szecs' timestamp='1301554253' post='4792480'] [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1301529045' post='4792391'] [quote name='forsandifs' timestamp='1301528821' post='4792389'] [quote name='szecs' timestamp='1301390533' post='4791641'] [quote name='owl' timestamp='1301518731' post='4792342'] [quote name='demonkoryu' timestamp='1301513692' post='4792299'] [img]http://galeon.com/chess2/quote.jpg[/img] ... and you're wondering if gamedev forums are going to get a stack overflow [/quote] ... if you make a screenshot of the quotes to be able to continue quoting. [/quote] ... being evil by foruming (and shit) gags *continues to be evil* [/quote] ... you think that post was full of win and regret every missed quote step in the pyramid... [/quote] ... you think this thread should be added to the image of the day (when it is reborn) [/quote] To be fucking upset that my post IS NOT in that flood [/quote] ...you perform time-travelling quote stiching to include szecs into the quote pyramid. [/quote] [font="Courier New"] [size="2"][color="#000080"]?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????[/color] [color="#000080"]?[/color][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color]?[color="#FFFFFF"][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][/color][/b][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b]owl,[b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b]on[b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b]31[b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b]March[b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b]2011[b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b]-[b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b]01:58[b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b]AM,[b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b]said:[/b][color="#000080"][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color][color="#000000"][b][b][color="#F5DEB3"]?[/color][/b][/b][/color]?[/color] [color="#000080"]?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????[/color] [color="#000080"]?[/color][color="#FFFACD"]???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????[/color][color="#000080"]?[/color] [color="#000080"]?[/color][color="#FFFACD"][b]?????[/b][/color]if[color="#FFFACD"]?[/color]you[color="#FFFACD"]?[/color]make[color="#FFFACD"]?[/color]your[color="#FFFACD"]?[/color]own[color="#FFFACD"]?[/color]quote[color="#FFFACD"]?[/color]box[color="#FFFACD"]?[/color]out[color="#FFFACD"]?[/color]of[color="#FFFACD"]?[/color]ASCII[color="#FFFACD"]???????????????????????[/color][color="#000080"]?[/color][/size][/font][font="Courier New"][size="2"] [color="#000080"][color="#000000"][color="#000080"]?[/color][color="#FFFACD"]???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????[/color][color="#000080"]?[/color][/color] [/color][color="#000080"]?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????[/color][/size][/font] [/quote] [img]http://i52.tinypic.com/2uhok9f.png[/img]
  14. On your first thought, what would this equation look like? This seems the most reasonable to me, and what I've been trying to do, but I can't figure out what the actual equation would be.
  15. Hey forum, I have a quick question - I have a texture that recursively colors itself. It is initially cleared to all blue, then dots are drawn on it in black each frame. I want the dots to slowly fade out to blue over time, so that old dots eventually fade out. How can I do this in a shader? Thanks!