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  1. Hi all   I'm glad to announce my new product: OrenVideo - Cross Platform Video Solution   Few words about the product:   OrenVideo let you put videos in your game/application with less then an hour! without worrying about memory or speed, and the cool thing about it is that you have built-in alpha channel so you can play transparent videos... want to play video inside your game textures? no problem! want to play some cut scenes? easy! want to create your entire UI with videos? done!   to see it in action in real published game, check out: Super Splatters uses OrenVideo a lot! the entire UI done with videos. in game effects done with videos. in game markers/objects done with videos. and more...   to know how many OrenVideo instances are used in real-time check out the green rects in the video. here is what Niv Fisher - Founder & Lead programmer at Spiky Snail had to say about OrenVideo:   "After using Bink extensively in the XBLA version, also licensing it for PC turned out to be too expensive. We decided to try out OVD and were thoroughly impressed with the ease of integration, the simplicity of the tools and the support we got. The quality and performance of this library was on par or better for a fraction of the price."   Few of OrenVideo highlights: Cross platform (windows,mac, linux, android). Internal alpha channel for transparent videos. Simple and well documented SDK, easy to debug, you can integrate it in less than an hour!. One small library and you are set. no special system software & audio codec needed, it is completely self-contained and not rely on any 3rd party libraries. Same API and data files on multiple platforms. Highly optimized to take advantage of every platform it supports. you will be shocked how well it perform, you can use it for in-game videos, cut-scene videos and even build your entire UI with it! Optimize to use minimal memory as much as possible, no need to worry about codecs that eats your memory!. Design to work hand by hand in multi-threaded environments.   so how much it will cost you? check out: http://www.orenvid.com/pricing   for more info, check out my site at: http://www.orenvid.com   thanks  
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