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  1. added a link to a trailer of the game in the original post
  2. 5 screenshots at the end of this link as requested. Click Here
  3. Off the back of our most recent release SolarBASIC, Team Ko'mano designed a mobile sequel for the IPHONE which has been developed by Howling Moon Games. Check out the apps store and download it for only $0.99. You are the intelligence controlling an advance technology that can store the suns energy for use back on a distant planet. As the intelligence you will need to motion special matter that absorbs certain forms of energy. The energy that needs to be caught bursts from suns. Along its path it changes shape and colors. The color of the flare needs to be met by the same color matter for it to be harnessed. • Each new level leaves the player with more matter to control, more color differences from the solar flares. • A timer calculates your overall game score, preventing your MAT's from being destroyed decreases your overall time. •Each sun has a different gravitational pull. •New Collapsing Star mode just for the iphone •An amazing leader board system to keep track of your highscores •Try and collect all the rewards Click here for a trailer [Edited by - Dygash on December 19, 2009 12:50:01 PM]
  4. I'd love to see a space exploration game with co-op networking. With a massive game world I can see a lot of dynamic situations.
  5. Well TheBuzzSaw, that'd be pretty effective. Consider the experiment stopped.
  6. I am not using a personal account. Also many players of games such as mafia wars create separate accounts for their facebook gaming because of the amount of spam the games produce. Everyone I contacted put their names on mass emailing lists to bolster their friends lists into the thousands. At worst I consider my actions a mild nuisance to them, at best an interesting source of gaming products. All I am doing is using the 'suggestion' feature to recommend our teams fanpage. I'm not datamining personal information. There's nothing malicious about this experiment. Please try to stave off posting any more posts about your ethical perspective on this. The post was made to generate feedback on how to improve viral marketing strategies on facebook.
  7. Well i wasn't expecting the ethical backlash but I can see your points. As I've mentioned, it's an experiment. I'm not planning on stopping it on such ethical grounds. The point is to learn more about viral marketing and moreso within the facebook-sphere.
  8. Well i wasn't expecting the ethical backlash but I can see your points. As I've mentioned, it's an experiment. I'm not planning on stopping it on such ethical grounds. The point is to learn more about viral marketing and moreso within the facebook-sphere.
  9. So I just found the most amazing bit of freeware. Wavinator I think you're gonna like this. This is the download link: http://www.projectrho.com/star10.zip Made by one Jim Vassilakos in 1998. Nono...hear me out! I've been looking around for something that would help me design galaxy maps for recreational purposes (what can I say...I don't get out much) and I got more than I bargained for. This free open sourced piece of software, whilst graphically simple and unglossed, has some fantastic programming behind it. You create a galaxy, that galaxy is divided into a near infinite number of quadrants, as many as you want in X, Y and Z directions. Each quadrant can be displayed in a 3d map that is rotatable to view you star systems and their connecting paths (if you designate and (I have been making constellations for my project so it stands to reason I would) connections between systems they can represent trade routes etc.) You can create as many star systems as you want in a quadrant or you can randomly generate them (with all the bells and whistles). You can then enter any solar system and design/edit it. This tool is very scientifically focused with the leeway of allowing you to visualise alot of scenarios. From triple hubbed stars to far companion (twin) star systems. Once you've finished building all your stars, astronomical objects and their associated orbits which indicate inner planes, bio diverse planes and outer planes and vaporise planes, you can you use a dirty little tool called hexworld that comes in the package to make old school global hex maps of your orbiting objects. I'm confident someone with programming knowledge could find a way to drastically update it to our current standards. Once you've finished your map you can designate populated (habitats) hexes, associated pictures, create wiki's the frikkin works. It may be old school, but just like music, some classics just can't be beaten. I've been recording data I create in conjunction with Excel. I'm fairly confident the data being generated would easily be compatible, if not the whole program integratable, within an appropriate game design project. Have fun! Kirk out...
  10. Hi so I'm conducting a viral marketing experiment on facebook right now ahead of the launch in 2 weeks of our first IPhone game. I've friend requested 21,000 people. Most of whom provided their email addresses for adds from players of Mafia Wars etc. So I fully expect to get at least 3000+ friends if not capping the 5000 friends limit. For arguments sake, let us say I get 3000 friends on my marketing account. Once I am satisfied with the number I will send out a fan suggestion for my teams fanpage, where we promote our upcoming games with pictures/footage and news. I'm hoping maybe 1000 of them will sign up as a fan. From there the IPHONE game is launched and promoted on the fanpage with videos and links. I have no idea of how many fans will have iphones, let alone the volume this method will sell obviously. Anyway can anyone offer up so hard statistics, observations or advice to improve my methodology in this experiment?
  11. Thanks stupid_programmer, I hope so too. I agree that with the end so close it's madness that they walked away. AndreTheGiant, yeah our website needs a content overhaul, my apologies for that. I got your email address from your profile, I'll send you the design document and source code tomorrow (I don't have the source code on my system, it's with the designer). The 5 tasks listed in the Help Wanted post are all that remains to be done.
  12. Well one project was simply a port of our IPHONE title to flash so I'm not broken hearted about that one too much. The other is called LEAP, the programmer was making it as a flash game, but they were apparently using Flex for their pipeline, I'm hoping it won't be too much of an issue for their replacement. My impression from the LEAP programmer is that they aren't coming back, they gave no indication that they would. So I'm trying to find a replacement, here's the post for that. As there's nothing left to do besides finishing off the programming the projects on hold till I find a replacement.
  13. Bit of a tiny rant today. Two programmers leaving two projects because of work/uni commitments, both doing so when their projects are almost complete (literally a few more days - small flash games) and they complain about the industry not taking them seriously or not getting a chance. If people just realised that working together gets everyone further rather than each to their own, our world would be a lot happier. It's just really upsetting when other people have invested many hours of their lives with art/audio/design and then these people throw it away like the contributions mean nothing. Not only was our time wasted but their own as well (as far as portfolio work goes, I'm sure experience is a different story).* What would your perfect world entail? *Don't blast me I surrender!
  14. Quote:Original post by SymLinked Quote:Original post by Dygash Some people really are amazingly cruel, whether in deed or thought. What's the difference from all the animals that die each day for you to eat them? In many cases their fate are far worse than going to sleep (by medication) like the cat did. Don't get me wrong, I can't put to words my feelings about the owner of this cat and the webpage, but don't pretend it's something new. I was not pretending that this was shocking in a boy/girl eats cat fashion. As someone who's eaten dog (when I lived in China - once and unwittingly) I don't have a problem with that, an animal is an animal. But to maliciously kill a healthy creature in an attempt to punish someone else is sick. The whole part where she/he was lying to the vet in order to kill the creature was awful. Whether its true or not, that sort of cruelty is an awful truth to digest.
  15. Some people really are amazingly cruel, whether in deed or thought.