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    Can't finish plots...

    I personally like to work somewhat backwords. I get the whole general plot idea, Than I sort of start from the end. I think of what i want the ending to be than i work up ideas on how we can get to that ending in a fun creative plot twisting way. Some people may not like this approach though becuase as there writing there trying to enjoy the process and be suprised by what the ending just like while reading it. I hope maybe this approach will help you out.
  2. AshKetchummm

    New Storyboard working

    Ya i've been there but i wanted to post here first to get tips on what to include in it and if it is worth the time.
  3. AshKetchummm

    New Storyboard working

    Hello there. I am brand new to this site and just wondering what are the chances of getting a postion in a team as a story developer? Also wondering what type of things I would need to add to my resume if I have never worked on a real team before. Note: I am not looking for any type of pay. Just looking for a chance to work with a team and build up experience, so maybe once I get my name on some projects I may be able to eventully make some sort of pay. Thanks Guys!
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