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  1. Please test this short intro

    Works great on my machine nice smooth fade outs looks good :)
  2. Digitized Human Model

    How about trying this link and downloading demo of Poser V4 from PoserV4
  3. Digitized Human Model

    There is Poser Artist it's a design tool based on Poser 4 and is less expensive than Poser 5.
  4. Just Having Fun

    jamsession.mp3 messing around as usual tell me what you think about this short jam. thanks PaulJ
  5. New Music

    Thanks, I'm glad that everyone liked something about the music, I'm currently using a Korg Triton workstation and the built in sequencer to create the songs. I'm still learning things on this keyboard so I am hoping to improve
  6. New Music

    Hi, I'm a programmer by trade, trying to learn how to play the piano I think i'm doing ok. Just wrote some quick tunes not to long ago, you can check them out below. new_test.mp3